Decorate the dish of fish tartare sauce - video recipes at home

Decorate the dish of fish tartare sauce - video recipes at home
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Decorate the dish of fish tartare sauce - video recipes at home

tartar sauce - is a classic French cuisine cold sauce. Its main components are vegetable oil, green onions and egg yolk, hard-boiled. You can add more and chopped pickles. Most often tartar served in boiled, fried and baked fish. The process of preparing this sauce at home cooking resembles mayonnaise.

French cream of tartar can give a piquant flavor of baked salmon, roast halibut or any other fish. Also, it is an ideal complement to seafood. the sauce is usually prepared on the classical recipe of sour cream or mayonnaise.

Tartarus "Miracle salmon"

If you can find present sesame

oil, then you will understand why our tartare called a "miracle". The unusual combination of savory flavor of sesame, peppermint and ginger acute fresh salmon produce gastronomic sensation.

Praskovya Sergeeva

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Halibut fillet with sauce tartare



4 halibut fillets

200 g flour

2 hours. The dried thyme spoons

2 hours. Tablespoons of lemon zest

2 tbsp. tablespoons olive oil

150 g of mayonnaise

2 tbsp. chopped green onions

2 hours. Spoon capers

1/2 cup gherkins

1 h. Spoonful of lemon juice

1 h. Spoon mustard salt, ground black pepper

How to cook halibut under the tartar sauce:

  1. Halibut and of itself is a great juicy fish, which can be lightly fry and serve.

    To begin, finely chop the cucumbers and put them in a deep bowl with capers, chopped onion and spices. Then pour in a bowl of mustard and mayonnaise, add the lemon juice and put everything in the refrigerator. Halibut, wash under running water, dry it with a paper towel and sprinkle with salt.

  2. In a small bowl, mix the lemon zest and thyme and flour. The result is a breading for fish. In turn dip pieces halibut in this mixture and fry in vegetable oil cooking time should not be less than 3 minutes. You must wait until golden brown. Ready grilled fish nicely fill the tartar sauce.


Baked salmon with sauce tartare

In this interesting dish, which will decorate any holiday table, use tartar sauce based on sour cream.


800 g salmon fillets

1 lemon

5 Art. spoonfuls of sour cream

2 hours. Tablespoons of mustard powder

6 pickled gherkins

1 and 2 boiled raw egg yolk

150 ml of vegetable oil

salt, black pepper and spices for fish to taste

How to cook baked salmon under the tartar sauce:

  1. fillet thoroughly rinse and cut into several portions. Arrange the slices on a form, greased. Stir salt and spices and the resulting mixture obmazhte salmon. Sprinkle the fish with lemon juice and place on top of a few slices of this fruit. Place the salmon in the oven for 40 minutes.
  2. To create tartar sauce, boil the eggs and remove yolks. Pickled gherkins melenko planed. Vegetable oil and pour the sour cream in a blender. There also put the egg yolks, mustard and squeeze the juice of half a lemon. Mix everything until smooth. Pour the sauce into a bowl and mix with cucumbers. Add a little greenery in the tartar and again mix well.
  3. After that, remove the salmon from the oven, pour the sauce and put it to bake for 15 minutes. That's all. By the way, tartar sauce white color will become not only a delicious complement to fish, but also the decoration. It remains only to submit the fish to the table.

    If you want to cook cream of tartar prescription maestro Alexander Seleznev? Watch our video!