Milkshake Recipes



milk (fat content does not matter)

food or ice cream

sugar or sweetener

Variations involve the use of fruit juices and syrups, coconut milk, fresh fruit, honey, spices, grated chocolate and walnut crumbs. In addition to soft drinks, there are also options for alcoholic milkshakes that use rum, whiskey and sweet liqueurs.

Of equipment requires a blender (immersion or regular) or mixer and utensils handy for whipping cocktail. In the absence of an electric blender shaker barman can use either conventional whisk for beating the dough. This will significantly slow down the process, but will not affect the taste.

The ingredients are mixed either by an existing recipe or cook to taste. There are a few classic recipes milkshake with available ingredients and is very fast cooking.

Milkshake with banana

This drink can be an excellent substitute for regular milk, children need.

Ingredients: For 2 servings

1 banana

0, 5 liters of milk

1 h. Spoon of sugar

How to prepare a milkshake with banana:

  1. Finely chopped banana, milk, sugar and whipped in a blender at medium speed for 2-3 minutes.
  2. For the appearance of a beautiful foam can be whipped for 1 minute at a very high speed. The resulting cocktail is poured into the glasses and may be decorated ground cinnamon, peppermint leaf, vanilla or vanillin sprinkled.

This drink can also drink as a supporting force for 50-60 minutes before exercise and sports training.

Milkshake with ice cream

This is a favorite treat of all children. In the summer time you can add the raspberries, black currants, blueberries or blackberries. In winter, as the topping, you can use frozen berries, fruit juice or syrup to taste.


2-3 servings

0, 5 liters of milk

300 g of cream (vanilla tastes best or butter)

How to prepare a milkshake with ice cream:

  1. Milk, ice cream and berries whipped in a blender or mixer for 3-4 minutes at high speed until the foam with large bubbles, is then poured into glasses.
  2. A cocktail can be decorated on top berry or a special umbrella.

It is worth remembering that a cocktail of milk and ice cream is very rich and is suitable as a separate dish or snack between meals.

"Pina Colada"


200ml milk

250 ml of coconut milk

250 ml of pineapple juice

50-70 ml white rum

3-4 ice cubes food

How to cook cocktail "Pina Colada"

These ingredients, including ice, whipped in a blender at high speed for 3-4 minutes. In the absence of the blender can be mixed with their special shaker either manually separately adding ice into glasses.

Coconut milk in "Pina Colada" can be replaced with coconut liqueur, but normal milk is best left for the characteristic white color and the fat content of the beverage.