Fish pie with potatoes

Sometimes there comes a time when every man would like to taste the delicious and uncomplicated cake in spite of a healthy diet. But it is absolutely not every hostess wants oven yeast or puff pies that take a lot of time. Because in addition to cooking, as a rule, expect it, and other things that must be done without delay to another time.

For the case when overwhelmed with work, "lifeline" will prepare the fish pie from canned food with a favorite potato. It is an economical option that does not require large financial costs, but no family member will never go past him.

Jellied fish pie with potatoes and

First you need to mix the flour with sour cream, mayonnaise and break into the mass is three eggs. Half received the test should shift into another container.

Fish pie with potatoes

thinly sliced ​​fresh fish, shinkuem bow and send it to roast in the pan at the same time preparing and slicing potatoes.

Roll each portion of dough separately into the reservoir, one part is passed on to a greased baking sheet. On his first distribute the potatoes leaving the free edge.

Then put slices of fresh fish, take your favorite canned fish, most often saury or salmon, and crush them. Add the fried onions and stir. We put the resulting stuffing and distribute on top of everything, and then topped impose the second half of the dough and pinch the edges. Do the punctures on the cake and lubricates the surface. Ship sheet in the oven for 45- 50 minutes. From time to time it is recommended to check the cake, a little pushing the lower part, so that it is not burnt.

Tips and advice to the recipe

It is worth noting that such a test may be the basis not only for the fish fillings, but in the same way you can prepare minced meat or mushrooms with cheese and onions. It all depends on the taste preferences of the family. However, this version of the test in any time is not suitable for the preparation of sweet pies, as it does not contain any sugar, salt or yeast.

For those hostesses who love baking options quickly, you might consider preparing khachapuri. In this case, you will need suluguni and kneading a similar test on the basis of kefir. Since it turns out similar to the consistency of sour cream, khachapuri many fry like pancakes, one for pan. Or pour all the dough into the pan, then cut the resulting, huge and thick pancake.

Patties with cheese on kefir test is also worthy of attention the most resourceful hostesses. After frying them just as easily as kneading dough, which does not need to stand or climb. "Masking" the basis for creating such a simple culinary masterpiece will serve grated cheese that will melt during frying, and will not allow the filling to fall out.