Cake recipes with potato-stuffed chicken

Cake with chicken and potatoes puff pastry


100 ml of ice water

150g margarine

1 cup flour

1/2 hr. Of salt

For the filling:

onion head

1/3 chicken

4 potatoes

100 mL chicken broth

bay leaf, salt, black pepper and other spices to taste

How to cook a pie with chicken and potatoes puff pastry:

  1. First, prepare the dough. To this mix flour with salt, pour into a cup and add margarine, chipped into small chips.
  2. Pour in the water, but be sure to ice, and knead the dough. Gather it into a ball, then roll out into a thin layer.
  3. Take an envelope and re-roll. Repeat this procedure at least 5 times more. Then shake off the flour, fold the dough in a bag and store it in the fridge for 30-40 minutes.
  4. While the dough is cooled, make the filling. Peel and boil the potatoes in salted water. Then pound it without too much fluid - thereby filling get even more delicate.
  5. Separate the chicken meat from the bones, chop it finely and fry in a little olive oil until almost tender.
  6. At the end, add diced onion, a couple of minutes, pour in the chicken stock and simmer until the liquid evaporation.
  7. salt and pepper to taste, put a bay leaf, which after 5 minutes discard. Mix the meat with a potato and a little cool.
  8. Remove the puff pastry from the refrigerator, divide it into two pieces and roll them in size baking dish pie.
  9. Place one piece on the bottom, left side, spread the stuffing inside and close the second reservoir test zaschipnuv edges and making a hole in the center.
  10. Grease surface yolk, place the cake in an oven preheated to 180 ° C and bake for about 40 minutes.

Open potato pie with chicken made with yeast dough


1 cup flour

10 g yeast

1/2 Art. spoons of sugar

5 Art. tablespoons of warm water


a pinch of salt

For the filling:

400 g of chicken

3 potatoes

2 heads of red onion

1 tbsp. sugar spoon

100 ml of dry red wine

How to cook outdoors potato cake from yeast dough:

  1. Add the flour salt and sugar, then beaten egg, all mix and enter the yeast diluted in water.
  2. Knead the soft dough, wrap it in cellophane and leave for half an hour at room temperature.
  3. Meanwhile, prepare the stuffing. Wine-heat, add the sugar and a pinch of salt, mix well, put sliced ​​into half rings of red onion and leave for half an hour.
  4. The meat separate from bones and finely chop. Fry it in olive oil for 15 minutes, salt.
  5. Potatoes clean and cut into thin plates. The dough roll shape for baking, leaving the high side. Put inside the chicken meat, then potatoes, salt and pepper it.
  6. On top lay zakaramelizirovanny onions. test board, apply a little on the filling. Place in an oven preheated to 180 ° C, and bake up until the potato becomes soft and bead test browned.