Drawings on Coffee: painting latte art

Drawings on Coffee: painting latte art
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Drawings on Coffee: painting latte art

Figures for coffee or latte-art equipment, in recent years has become increasingly popular. Especially among the coffee. And no wonder. It is not only delicious, but also beautiful. Coffee with a pattern can please guests or become a daily pleasure, if his master cooking techniques.

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The history of occurrence of latte-art technology goes back centuries. Figures for the first time on a coffee heard in Italy, where this drink is preferred to use with the addition of hot milk. Capuchin monks came up with paint coffee, pouring boiling milk in it.

Currently, the technique of latte art to diversify by adding all sorts of spices and syrups in the coffee beverage. If there is a desire to treat guests not only delicious, but also beautiful coffee, you can master the technique of latte art.

From the milk froth ...

Drawings on Coffee: painting latte art


There are several approaches to the creation of images of coffee. The most popular - foam technique. The success of this technique produce drawings on coffee is properly frothed milk. To do this, pour a little milk in the milk jug and put it on low heat. Not boiling, remove the milk jug from the fire and start whisking the milk from the bottom. Particular attention should be paid to how to pour whipped milk into the cup. To do this, start slowly to let him in the middle of the coffee cup to the center. If a little shake the cup, you can see the flower appeared. In addition to this, there is a method whereby to create drawings on coffee frothed milk should pour starting from the cup center to the edges. Similarly, should come and syrups. They give a variety of coffee by adding bright colors. Perfect caramel and fruit syrups. Interestingly, one craftsman has managed to create the crema of the Taj Mahal. It can rightly be called an art.

A glass, pewter, wood ...

Drawings on Coffee: painting latte art


To create more complex and creative graphics can use a toothpick. Engage a teaspoon to place the foam on the surface of the coffee. With these tools you can create bizarre lines and silhouettes. This technique is known as etchinga.

The main thing to know what to create drawings on coffee milk should only be used with a great deal of fat. When whipping out he gets a thick foam that keeps drawing.

It is important to remember if you are going to master the techniques of latte art, it is necessary to use a wide cup - it will help to clear up the imagination and create a more interesting figure.

According to a cliche ....


For the lazy invented coffee stencils that can be purchased at the store or make your own. It should take a piece of heavy paper or cardboard, cut the desired pattern and put on a cup of coffee. For screen techniques typical coffee sprinkling spices such as cinnamon. Also on top of crema can sprinkle cocoa through a stencil. Thus it is obtained a beautiful and flavored drink. On the human digestive system positively affect not only delicious, but also aesthetically pleasing food.

Today, almost every cafe serves coffee with a pattern. This is an indicator of skill level barista and institutions in general.