How to soak cakes for the cake - video recipes at home

How to soak cakes for the cake - video recipes at home
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With impregnation cakes for the cake, you can make a very tender. This is particularly relevant for dry cakes. For example, of the dough. When baking biscuit too thick crust is formed, which subsequently can be made softer by means of impregnation.

Preparation of impregnation for biscuit

Impregnation makes biscuit sweet, juicy

and fragrant. On the one hand, for the cake syrup - it is a lot of room for creativity. On the other, it is important in the preparation of a proportioning accuracy. Impregnation, cooked properly, turn cake in blurred.

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Impregnation of biscuit or cake - it is sweet or sour-sweet liquid. The basis of the impregnation, as a rule, is a sugar syrup.

Sugar syrup


For 200 ml of syrup

4 tbsp. spoons of sugar

6 tablespoons. tablespoons water

How to cook the syrup for soaking:

  1. Connect in a saucepan the sugar and water. Put the pan on the heat and bring to a boil. At this time, constantly stir the syrup and remove the foam if it is formed.
  2. Then the syrup cool and only then add vanilla in it. Never flavoring hot syrup. So, he very quickly loses its flavor.

coffee syrup can be used to flavor sugar impregnation.

Coffee Syrup


1 h. Spoon of natural ground coffee

half cup of boiling water

How to cook coffee syrup for soaking:

  1. Fill the coffee boiling water. Cover cup and steep 20 minutes. Now fold in half a piece of cheesecloth and strain it through a coffee.
  2. Let it stand for a further 10 minutes. After that, clean the infusion can be poured in the sugar impregnation.

Use for flavoring impregnation fresh and canned fruit juices, essences, tinctures. However, be careful when adding liquids to the consistency of impregnation has not changed dramatically.

Often alcohol used in the impregnation. They give a special flavor biscuit.

The impregnation with vodka


50 ml of vodka "Finland"

2 tbsp. Spoon pear jam

250 ml cooled boiled water

How to prepare the impregnation with vodka:

vodka mix, jam, water. Pear jam can be replaced by apple, cooked at home.

Sugar impregnation with liquor


5 Art. spoons of sugar

Article 7. spoons of liquor

1 tbsp. vodka spoon

Article 7. tablespoons water

a few drops of citrus essences

How to prepare the impregnation with liquor:

Pour the sugar in a saucepan and cover with water. Place a container on fire and bring to a boil. Then cool the sugar and add the liqueur, vanilla, brandy, citrus essence. The peculiarity of this impregnation that it has a very bitter taste.

Chocolate impregnation


100 grams of butter

1 tbsp. spoon of cocoa

1/2 cans of condensed milk

How to cook a chocolate impregnation:

  1. Prepare the impregnation in a water bath. Pour water into a large saucepan and put on fire. Inside a large saucepan put the pot smaller: in it and cook for impregnation.
  2. butter cut into small pieces and place in a saucepan. Add the cocoa powder and condensed milk: mix all thoroughly. Do not allow the mixture to boiling.

The impregnation with orange peel


zest of one orange

half glass of orange juice

1/4 cup sugar

How to prepare citrus impregnation:

  1. Put all ingredients in a saucepan and cook until the sugar until it gets going. Reduce heat and simmer for another 15 minutes. The amount of syrup should be reduced by half.
  2. Saturate the cake warm impregnation.

syrup from any delicious jams also suitable for the impregnation, but no longer need to add anything to it. For the impregnation, there are special pastry brush to evenly distribute the liquid and do not allow puddles to form. If there is no brush, use a teaspoon. Do not fill the spoon completely, and take on slightly and evenly lubricate. Impregnation layer must be very thin and almost invisible.

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