15 refreshments - video recipes at home

15 refreshments - video recipes at home

Everyone loves cocktails, but not everyone knows that the most popular drinks can be easily prepared at home. Having mastered the time-tested classic recipes, you can begin to experiment and create new combinations. But better to start with the classics:

Favorite refreshing cocktail preparing easier than you might think: cocktail "Mojito"

To prepare the necessary cocktail of all three components. "Margarita" at home - very easy:

cocktail "Margarita"

What prevents us to arrange a small holiday home, with minimal cost and the sea of ​​pleasure?

to Romantic Cocktail Rossini

Berry drink with a small degree will have time for the dinner table: Yagodanka - Ukrainian national drink

Warm weather - it's time to prepare delicious lemon drink:

Refreshing Lemonade

Cucumber can be cooked not only salad! Cucumber summer drink - the perfect solution:

Cucumber Lemonade

Carefully follow the instructions in the recipe, leave the drink in a cool place 12 hours - and the honey-mint kvass is ready! Kvass scented with mint Refreshing and rewarding summer drink - a cocktail with soft cheese: Smoothies with berries

This smoothie should prepare at least for a combination of basil and banana in a glass: Smoothies "Banana and basil"

Punch - hot winter drink, and in the summer you can prepare a cold punch of rum, berry sorbet and fresh orange juice.

Cold Roman punch

Tasty and healthy drink is suitable not only for Halloween:

Smoothies Pumpkin

Coffee in the Canary - a strong, delicious, sweet, fragrant and sweet.

in the Canary Barrakito, coffee

Wellness cocktail of the three most useful vegetables: carrots, beets and celery.

Vegetable fresh "Immunity"

This citrus cocktail energize you for the day.

Vitamin fresh "A Clockwork Orange"

Cocktail of fresh juice refreshes, restores strength and helps the nervous system to cope with the load:

Invigorating fresh "juice yellow"