Recipes for salads with green peas

Recipes for salads with green peas
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Green peas is an excellent base for salads. it can be combined with different ingredients and prepare delicious salads in a canned or fresh. Incidentally, canned peas contains a large amount of useful nucleic acids and vitamins.

If you decide to treat your home with delicious salads with peas, should be pre-purchased at the store a couple of cans. By the way, better to buy canned peas in a glass container. Be sure to read part - less than the list of ingredients, the better. This product should not be preservatives. Also, inspect the Bank for any damage.

Vegetable Olivier

Olivier is considered one of the most popular salads with green peas. There are many interesting recipes of the dishes.


300 g canned green peas

100 g vegetable oil

50 grams of walnuts

2 fresh cucumbers and tomatoes

3 garlic cloves

2 tbsp. spoons of lemon juice or vinegar

bunch of green onions and dill

salt to taste

How to cook vegetable Olivier:

  1. Prepared vegetables should be cut at random, and add to them peas. Just do not forget to merge it with the fill.
  2. The nuts and garlic, chop and add them to the salad with oil and lemon juice. Before submitting dish decorate it carnations.

Olivier with smoked chicken and homemade mayonnaise - a proven recipe from star chefs. Watch the video!

Salad of canned peas and mushrooms


Eggs 2 pcs.

a bundle of green onions

400 g of pickled fungi

300 g of peas

sour cream

salt to taste

How to prepare a salad with peas and mushrooms:

  1. To begin quite chopped boiled eggs and connect them to the planed onions. Thoroughly mix the ingredients.
  2. Then the onions and eggs put coarsely chopped mushrooms and peas without filling. It remains only to fill the salad with sour cream, salt and mix well.

pea salad with ham

This is a rich dish.


2 celery

2 carrots

2 sour apples

cup vegetable oil

cup of green peas

300 g of chopped ham

along the beam parsley and dill

How to prepare a salad of peas with ham:

  1. C Drain peas, and celery and carrot peel and rub on a grater. Apples and remove the seeds and rub them on a fine grater.
  2. Mix all the above ingredients with ham and season with vegetable oil.

Chicken salad with peas


300 grams of cooked chicken meat

200 g cheese

2 pickles

3 dogs

2 eggs

200 g of potato 200 g of canned green peas

2 garlic cloves

200 ml mayonnaise

green beam

How to cook chicken salad with peas:

  1. On the grater rub with garlic cheese and boiled eggs. Then boiled sausages, potatoes and chicken meat cut into small cubes.
  2. Put all get the ingredients in a bowl, add green peas and all the mayonnaise good arch.

salad with peas and mussels

Try to prepare this dish, if you like seafood.


Eggs 2 pcs.

bunch of dill

2 onions

200 g lettuce

200 g of canned peas

300 g of cooked mussels

2 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil



How to prepare a salad with mussels:

  1. To do this, chop the eggs. Also, wash and chop the dill, onion and lettuce. Mix the above products and add them to the peas and mussels, as well as oil.
  2. All Salt to taste and season the salad with mayonnaise.