Recipes salad "Prague"

The classic salad "Prague"


1 chicken breast

4 eggs

1 onion


2-3 pickled or salted cucumber

Bank of green peas

200 g of dried prunes

100-150 g cheese (durum)

mayonnaise or sour cream

For the filling:

1 egg yolk

1 h. Spoon French mustard

3 tbsp. tablespoons olive oil

How to cook a classic salad, "Prague":

  1. Boil the chicken in salted water. To chicken salad turned out juicy, cook it over low heat, with the soup should not boil. You can put in a pan parsley, carrots, bay leaf.
  2. Separately, cook the eggs and carrots. Grate in a different capacity cucumbers, cheese, eggs. Peel and finely chop the onion. To bow in a salad not bitter, pour over boiling water, then cold water. Then it will be crunch and a sharp smell and bitterness will disappear.
  3. The boiled chicken cut into small cubes. Wash prunes and fill with boiling water. When it softens, cut them into strips.
  4. Grate boiled carrots on a medium grater. Open the jar of peas, drain the liquid. Begin to "collect" salad. It is layered, so cook it on a plate or in a bowl, gently spreading layer by layer. Place the chicken, then the pickles, onions, eggs, carrots, canned peas, prunes.
  5. Lightly oil the salad with mayonnaise, sprinkle with grated cheese on top. Instead of mayonnaise can be prepared by the original filling. Mash yolks, mix with mustard. Add the olive oil resulting mass and mix thoroughly.

Salad "Prague" exists in several versions: boiled carrots can be replaced with a crude, pickles - fresh. Salad can not spread layers, and mix all the ingredients. If the salad seem dryish, can be lubricated with mayonnaise and other layers. But do not do it after each, as a result of the dish "float." Mayonnaise can replace sour cream.

Salad "Prague" with pork


200 g of pork loin

200 g of bacon

1 gherkins Bank

2 apples

green onions


4 tbsp. lemon juice spoon

4 tbsp. tablespoons French mustard

4 tbsp. tablespoons olive oil

1 tbsp. spoon ground paprika

1 tbsp. teaspoon ground black pepper

3 garlic cloves

salt to taste

How to prepare salad "Prague" with pork:

  1. slightly repel the pork fillet. Garlic cloves without peeling, crush flat side of the knife, put them in the frying pan preheated with olive oil.
  2. Fry the pork on both sides until golden brown. Place the meat on a plate, leave for a while, add salt, season with black pepper and paprika.
  3. The cooled pork cut into cubes and place in a salad bowl. Separate the bacon from the bones, cut into strips, put on pork.
  4. Pickles and apples and chop into fine strips, put on the bacon. Slice the onions, sprinkle the dish. For the filling, mix the mayonnaise, mustard, and lemon juice, pour the salad.