8 useful recipe of beets - video recipes at home

8 useful recipe of beets - video recipes at home
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A variety of salads with beet risotto, Ukrainian

"Shpundra" beetroot sorbet and fresh vegetables with beets:

delicious variety for every day.

Everyone knows that it is better to eat seasonal products. But where to take vitamins in the winter? Some of the most helpful of autumn-winter products - it roots. They not only contain a lot of vitamins, but also well-kept, without losing its beneficial properties. Everyone is familiar with the healing properties of beets, but the recipes that will help them to apply:

Salad of roast beetroot

At the word "beet" just remember the soup. But from it we can cook a lot of useful and tasty salads!

Beetroot salad with five cheeses

Salad from Chef Moscow restaurant "Chaika" Dmitry Shurshakova. Beetroot salad and seaweed

Delicious salad of healthy products - from iodine deficiency protection.

risotto with beetroot and gorgonzola

The main thing - to make the first step towards the realization of root capabilities, give the dish a wonderful color.

Shpundra - pork belly with beets

Ukrainian national dish, is another way to cook pork.

Salad "Beet"

Beetroot can be prepared much more simple and tasty dishes, than it seems at first sight!

Beet Sorbet

Try rather unusual dessert - refreshing popsicles beet and pineapple.

Vegetable fresh "Immunity"

Wellness cocktail of the three most useful vegetables: carrots, beets and celery.