6 original recipes with cabbage - video recipes at home

6 original recipes with cabbage - video recipes at home

Cabbage comes in many forms: cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, savoy ... There are a lot of dishes from any of them, cabbage can even cook a meal. The most accessible cabbage - cabbage, as widely known color and broccoli. Much less common dishes from gourmet savoy cabbage and other less popular species.

Food cabbage

A collection of recipes from cabbage salads, soups, side dishes, pancakes, burgers and lunch "Anti" and cabbage.

Food Cauliflower

A selection of recipes with cauliflower: minestrone, subji, vegetable mousse, soups, salads, pie, moussaka, a casserole.

to Dish of broccoli

The collection of recipes with broccoli soups, casseroles, side dishes, salads, risotto, pizza, pasta and mousse cabbage.

Dishes Sauerkraut

Recipes of the most useful snacks during the cold season - sauerkraut.

Dishes savoy cabbage

Stuffed savoy cabbage

In these delicate green lace leaf hides a lot of vitamins!

Tuscan soup

A bowl of hot soup peasant warm in unexpected cold. Two circumstances argue in favor of making this warms the soul and body of Tuscan dishes: cold weather, and curiosity about the savoy cabbage.

ribollita - tasteful soup the poor

A simple peasant dish from the menu of expensive Italian restaurants. You can use simple or Savoy cabbage.

Dishes Chinese Cabbage

Squid salad

Fresh cabbage and greens combined with spicy smoked squid.

Dishes from seaweed

Beetroot salad and seaweed

Delicious salad of healthy products - from iodine deficiency protection.

Dishes from black cabbage "cavolo nero"

Tuscan vegetable soup Ribollita

Classic Tuscany, delicious and hearty soup for the cold season.