15 recipes with broccoli - video recipes at home

15 recipes with broccoli - video recipes at home

Cabbage comes in many forms: cabbage, color, broccoli, Savoy ... There are a lot of dishes from any of them, from cabbage can even cook a meal. Broccoli - everyone's favorite tasty and healthy side dish, as well as the basis for many dishes.

Baked broccoli

The classic recipe for casserole of broccoli and cheese.

Vegetable soup with couscous for 10 minutes

Fresh goat cheese soup lends piquancy and cauliflower and broccoli are very well combined with soft couscous.

American crab salad

Unusual salad with mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower with crab meat.

15 recipes with broccoli - video recipes at home

Risotto with broccoli, pumpkin, ham and "Philadelphia" cheese

Videoretsept perfect creamy risotto from Alexander Seleznev.

Pizza with vegetables

Pizza from Alexander Seleznev with tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and sweet peppers.

mousse Asparagus

Unusual meal of asparagus, which can be replaced by broccoli and cauliflower.

in Hong Kong in broccoli ginger sauce

Very beautiful and delicious Chinese recipe.

15 recipes with broccoli - video recipes at home

Fried Noodles with seafood

Since not all the vegetables needed for the preparation of Thai dishes, you can buy in our stores, a dish adapted - salad Pok Choi is replaced with green lettuce Romano and thick trunk of broccoli that is cut is not very finely julienne .

Malaysian laksa

Dish is prepared quickly and easily, and at the same time has an authentic rich flavor.

Salmon perch with vegetables and

Fish roll with seasonal vegetables - delightfully simple and lovely recipe from the chef of the restaurant "Cafe Chekhov."

15 recipes with broccoli - video recipes at home

Domestic minestrone

The essence of this dish is simple: vegetables in season, plus pasta. Soup can flavor homemade pesto, and if it is not - simply fit the grated parmesan.

The cod in a crispy crust with mashed peas

Cod baked with bread breaded anchovies and dried tomatoes. On a side dish - mashed potatoes with broccoli and peas.

Thai chicken salad with asparagus

Dish exotic Thai cuisine being prepared is easier than you might think.

15 recipes with broccoli - video recipes at home

Vegetable minestrone soup

Riches, rich, delicious and extremely beautiful, thanks to multi-colored vegetables, Italian soup from the chef Italian trattoria "Mercato" Carlos Romani.

Pasta Primavera

Pasta Primavera, or "Spring" - a pasta with vegetables and prepare them not only spring, but also in any other time of the year. This means that in addition to the green asparagus and young zucchini pasta home in this dish and add the tomatoes and carrots, and broccoli - all that your heart desires.

15 recipes with broccoli - video recipes at home

Did you know that eating broccoli helps to solve complex mathematical problems? Look the program "Food Secrets" and learn about the cabbage what you imagine and could not!