15 light meals on the eve of summer - video recipes at home

15 light meals on the eve of summer - video recipes at home

It contains recipes light dishes that can please themselves in the warmer months when you do not want a heavy meal. This does not mean that you have to eat some vegetables, because there are recipes with meat and other light, but at the same time full meals. Meat wonderful digested combined with vegetables: a little meat, plenty of fresh herbs and vegetables - and your table will always be tasty and healthy.

Vegetables "escalivada"

This appetizer of pepper and eggplant suitable for any table and will appeal to all lovers of baked vegetables. Easy dish goes great for dinner.

Roasted vegetables with sausage

It's easy, juicy and very tasty dish is cooked amazingly quick and easy.

to Grilled vegetables

The perfect dish for a picnic and most versatile side dish.

Vegetable soup with couscous

Fresh goat cheese soup lends piquancy and cauliflower and broccoli are very well combined with soft couscous.

Sup fennel celery

All lovers of light creamy soups will like flavored soup with a delicate anise-flavored dill.

Summer soup with giblets

This light summer soup will not leave anyone indifferent. Master class in cooking summer soup with giblets Georgian beans.

Sup -pyure spinach with avocado

Green soup with avocado, spinach, sorrel and parsley: a lot of useful herbs and a minimum of calories.

Thai salad with beef

In addition to the ease of preparation and memorable harmonious taste, salad impresses by the fact that a full, but at the same time light meals.

Salad cabbage bacon and hazelnuts

Light vitamin salad with crispy bacon and nuts.

Salad green with goat cheese

Light salad with goat cheese, seeds and aromatic dressing.

Moderate Salad with the strawberries and balsamic vinegar

Amazingly simple and easy holiday recipes. This dish will always remind you of summer: only need to buy some strawberries - and colorful salad will appear on your desktop.

Salad arugula, pine nuts and crabs

Light, bright, simple and at the same time the original salad is prepared in a matter of seconds.

Sicilian Salad and oranges, sweet onion and smoked salmon

Bright, fragrant and light salad - a nice variety to the summer dinner.

Warm carrot Salad

Easy and useful vitamins garnish for meat dishes.

Vietnamese cucumber Salad

More dietichny salad is hard to imagine: after all, and there is no drop of oil! Crisp, refreshing salad is perfect as an appetizer or side dish.

How else to cook delicious, easy, satisfying and healthy meal? Watch the video: an unusual American crab salad from Yury Rozhkov