Lunch every day: 5 "Anti-stress" dishes with beetroot - video recipes at home

Lunch every day: 5

There are a variety of products, the use of which will allow you to avoid disturbances and depression. Anti-stress "red" menu on the basis of beet help with increased nervousness and irritability.

The advantages are obvious: lunches not require a lot of money and time to prepare, they are useful, they have enough for the whole family.

Salad beetroot cranberry

Each meal should start with salad of fresh vegetables, which provide the body with a variety of essential vitamins.

Lunch every day: 5

Recipe "Salad Beet-CRANBERRY"

It is necessary: ​​

2 beet

2 tbsp. l. cranberry

1 h. L. vegetable oil

1 h. L. honey

1 tbsp. l. lemon juice

1 egg

1 bunch of parsley










1. Cranberries are washed, put in a colander to drain the water.

2 beets wash, boil, cool, grate.

3 Add the lemon juice, vegetable oil, stir and put in a salad bowl.

4 Cover with cranberries.

5 Optional - add honey.

6. Optional - lettuce can be decorated with a rose from beet. To do this, boiled beets cut into thin slices, put on a plate - first large, then smaller and - the smallest. In the middle of rosettes put sour cream.

7. Parsley wash, cut, put in a salad.

Cold beet soup

Lunch every day: 5


It is necessary: ​​

500 g of beet tops

1, 5 liters of beet kvass

3 pcs. fresh cucumbers

4 small bulbs

2 tbsp. l. dill 1 tbsp. l. celery

1 cup sour cream

1 h. L. salt

1/4 h. L. paprika

5 grains coriander

1 egg


1. Beets peel and boil until the water remains at least 2 cups.

2 The broth is drained into a separate bowl. Add before cooking cream and stir.

3 beet tops, finely chopped.

4 The liquid part of the cold soup: beet kvass boil, cool and mix with beetroot broth (already with sour cream), put in a cool place.

5. The thick part of the cold soup: to boiled beets add the finely chopped onions, dill, frayed with salt, cucumber sticks, celery, pounded coriander, black pepper.

6. Connect the liquid and dense part, mix. The plates put on quarter-boiled egg. You can add a slice of lemon.

7. beet kvass soup: Purified beets grate, pour boiling water and put in a warm place for 3-4 days. Beet ratio by weight of water and 1x2.

Gruzinoskoe "Chogi"

Chogi - a national Georgian dish, an appetizer of baked beetroot, onions and grated boiled dogwood.

Lunch every day: 5


It is necessary: ​​

500 g of beet

0, 5 cups dogwood

2 pcs. green onions

3 tbsp. l. chopped cilantro

2 tbsp. l. chopped parsley

1 tbsp. l. chopped mint


1. beets boiled in their skins or baked in foil in the oven. Clear.

2 cut into strips.

3. In a glass of water boil dogwood, through a sieve. 4 Chop the onion, parsley, mix with dogwood and beets, add salt.

5 Serve it warm.

Dessert: beetroot sorbet

Lunch every day: 5

Recipe beet sorbet

It is necessary: ​​

3 beet

1, 5 cups of sugar

4 cups boiling water

Turmeric on the tip of a knife

How to prepare:

1. Beets grate to the slurry, fill with sugar, leave for 10 hours.

2 The juice pour boiling water, stir, strain, add turmeric to the tip of a knife.

3 Cool.

Fresh juice from beets and other vegetables: vegetable cocktail "Immunity"

Lunch every day: 5

Recipe vegetable cocktail "IMMUNITY"

It is necessary: ​​

200 ml of fresh carrot juice

70 ml fresh beet juice

70 ml of fresh celery juice

How to prepare:

1 Squeeze the juice of three types of vegetables. Carrot juice should be three times bigger than beet juice and celery separately.

2 Connect the juice and serve immediately. You can add honey.

By the way: beet juice can not drink undiluted, use it only as a component of cocktails from fresh juices, and in small quantities.

Bon red anti-stress of the day!