Lunch every day: 6 "Anti-stress" dishes with pumpkin - video recipes at home

Lunch every day: 6

To cope with stress, it is useful to introduce into your diet, "anti-stress" food. Many foods have a calming effect, strengthen the nervous system and help not only relieve stress, but also to prevent it.

The advantages are obvious: lunches not require a lot of money and time to prepare, they are useful, they have enough for the whole family.

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Spaghetti with pumpkin

This dish can also file ... instead of lettuce! Do not be surprised: apples, pumpkin and spinach combined with pasta - unusual and delicious.

Lunch every day: 6

Recipe Spaghetti with pumpkin

Preparation - 1 hour

It is necessary: ​​

350 g of spaghetti

800 g of pumpkin

200 g of spinach

2 tbsp. l. lemon juice

100 g butter

50 g cheese "Parmesan"

1 h. L. Sahara

Ground black pepper - a pinch

Salt - to taste


1. Spaghetti boil in plenty of salted water without closing the lid.

2 drain.

3 Pumpkin cut into cubes, sprinkle with sugar and salt, add a glass of water and simmered until tender. If desired, you can also be baked in the oven until pumpkin softness.

4 Spinach to heat with oil, pour the lemon juice.

5 Add pumpkin, spaghetti, grated cheese, pepper, salt and mix well.

6. Serve sprinkled with remaining cheese.

Pumpkin soup

Lunch every day: 6


It is necessary: ​​

700 g of pumpkin

5 apples

80 g raisin

2 tbsp. l. rice

3 tbsp. l. Sahara

2 cup of pumpkin broth

1 glass of apple juice


1. Pumpkin boiled in their skins, peel, cut into small cubes, pour cooled boiled water, let stand 2 hours and strain.

2 The resulting infusion add sugar, apple juice, peeled and sliced ​​apples, washed and lightly steamed raisins, boiled rice.

Porridge with pumpkin, or "tykvennik"

Porridge with pumpkin or "tykvennik" - a very healthy dish, which combines the nutritional properties of cereals and pumpkin. Cooked very simply, from a minimum number of ingredients.

Lunch every day: 6


It is necessary: ​​

1 cup millet

500 g of pumpkin

3 cups of milk

1/2 h. L. salt

Butter - to taste

How to prepare:

1. without pumpkin seeds and peel cut into cubes, put in hot milk, add salt, bring to a boil.

2 Pour the millet and cook on low heat for 30-40 minutes.

3 thickened porridge dense cover, place in oven for uprevaniya and wrapped with thick paper, cover the top of the pillow.

4 Serve with butter.

pumpkin with honey and nuts

Lunch every day: 6

dessert recipe "pumpkin with honey and with nuts"

Preparation - 10 min

It is necessary: ​​

500 g of pumpkin

1 lemon

1/2 cup walnuts

4 tbsp. l. honey


1. lemon zest grater erase from the pulp squeeze the juice. 2 pumpkin grate, season with honey and lemon juice.

3 When serving sprinkle with the grated zest and chopped nuts

original and useful: Vegetable jelly with pumpkin!

RECIPE Pumpkin aspic


500 g of pumpkin puree

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of dry wine

Cinnamon, clove, lemon peel - on 0, 5 tsp..

2 tbsp. l. lemon juice

1 cup water

How to prepare:

1. From the pumpkin mash.

2 puree cooked in water with spices, wine and sugar.

3 Broth drain, add the lemon juice and pour into molds.

4 Pumpkin jelly to cool down, always in a porcelain or enamel pot.

It must cover with a towel and let stand in the cold for 3 to 5 hours.

Another simple and healthy dish of pumpkin - fresh juice!

Lunch every day: 6

Recipe freshly squeezed pumpkin juice

It is necessary: ​​

2 cups pumpkin, cut into cubes

2 cups water

1 bunch of spinach

1/2 pcs. lemon

How to prepare:

In a blender cup skip pumpkin 2 cups of water, spinach beam, half a lemon.

Happy orange anti-stress of the day!