Lunch every day: 4 courses "Anti-stress" with cabbage - video recipes at home

Lunch every day: 4 courses

How to cook a delicious dinner with the first, second and third, and even dessert - from simple, inexpensive and very useful products? Elementary! 4 + recipe with cabbage juice.

Master-class from Chef Mark Statsenko on the preparation of the dishes of cabbage! Watch the video:

Day One - Orange (dishes with pumpkin)

to Day Two red (dish with beets)

Third Day - Purple (dishes with eggplant)

The fourth day - green (cabbage dishes)

Recipes based on cabbage - a tasty and healthy lunch, as well as a great way to relieve stress: the foods we eat may otherwise affect our health. Cabbage - a product that helps get rid of the state of panic anxiety, fear and depression.

Original appetizer: salad cabbage Asian

Lunch every day: 4 courses


It is necessary: ​​

1, 3 kg of cabbage

1 tbsp. l. rice vinegar

1/2 cup chopped cilantro

2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil

Ground black pepper, salt - to taste


1. Cabbage cut into strips.

2. Prepare the sauce: rice vinegar mixed with cilantro, oil, pepper, salt.

3. Pour over the cabbage, stir sauce.

4. Pickle 1-3 hours, stirring periodically.

5. Make cilantro.

Soup mushroom

Lunch every day: 4 courses

RECIPE conductive FUNGAL

It is necessary: ​​

300 grams of fresh cabbage

500 grams of mushrooms

2 potatoes

2 onions

1 carrot

2 tomatoes

1 h. L. flour

Sour cream, parsley, salt and pepper - to taste


1. Potatoes cut into cubes.

2 cabbage and mushrooms cut into strips.

3 Onions and carrots chop and fry.

4 In boiling water to put all the vegetables and mushrooms. Boil for 15 minutes.

5 Add the onion, carrot and cook.

6. Within 10 minutes until it is ready to put tomatoes or fried tomato paste. The color of the flour should be creamy. Add salt and pepper to taste.

7. Serve with sour cream.

Cabbage cutlets

Lunch every day: 4 courses

Recipe Cabbage cutlets


1 kg of cabbage

1 / 2Ctakana semolina

1 cup milk

3 eggs

4 tbsp. l. breadcrumbs

3 tbsp. l. oils

Salt to taste


1. Fresh cabbage finely chop, scald with boiling water, to shift into a saucepan.

2 Add milk, butter, salt, and cook until half-cooked.

3 A thin stream pour the semolina, stirring constantly, and cook for 15 minutes.

4 Cool.

5 Hammer eggs, stir.

6. Make patties.

7. roll in breadcrumbs.

8 Fry with 2 sides to form a crust.

9 Serve with sour cream.

Kissel dessert

RECIPE Kiselev

It is necessary: ​​

2 tbsp. l. comminuted oat groats (can be any flakes)

3 cups water

1 cup cabbage juice

2 h. L. Sahara

1/2 h. L. salt

Milk, honey and butter - to taste

how to prepare

1 Oatmeal pound in a mortar, pour warm water and leave in a warm place for a day - and a half.

2 Stir, strain and squeeze.

3 The resulting liquid add cabbage juice, sugar, salt.

4 Cook until thick. If you need a jelly liquid, add a cup of hot water.

5 Hot jelly to pour into molds and cooled. Serve with milk, honey or butter.

Juice "Green"

RECIPE green juice

It is necessary: ​​

Lunch every day: 4 courses

1 cup of fresh cabbage

5 leaves of lettuce Cadet

1/2 avocado

1 clove of garlic

Juice of 1/2 lemon

1/2 h. L. salt

1 tomato

2 cups water

How to prepare:

1 All put in a blender.

2 Skip to the contents of the blender.

3 Pour into a glass.

4 Shelf.

Bon green anti-stress of the day!