4-course dinner: chicken - video recipes at home

4-course dinner: chicken - video recipes at home

How to cook a delicious dinner with the first, second and third, and still save money? Elementary! The secret is in the right combination of products, which allows you to enjoy a family feast.

first Lunch: chicken

4-course dinner: chicken - video recipes at home

Sequence preparing dinner

Boil the chicken.

To prepare a salad.

Prepare rulyadu.

Of the remaining vegetables and herbs in a blender to make a useful cocktail.

Then prepare a comprehensive lunch and serve meals in the sequence.

Original appetizer: chicken salad, apples and cucumbers

4-course dinner: chicken - video recipes at home

Recipe Chicken salad, apples and cucumbers

It is necessary: ​​

200-250 g of white chicken meat

1 egg

2 apples

1 cucumber



1. Chicken boiled meat cut into cubes.

2 Apple peel, cut into neat slices.

3 Egg boiled and finely chop.

4 The cucumber cut into thin rings.

5 The ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

6. mayonnaise.

7. Put in the refrigerator.

8 Serve in a ceramic pot.

soup chicken broth

4-course dinner: chicken - video recipes at home

Note: in the old cookbooks to impart flavor is recommended to add in each plate 1 spoon of Madeira.

You can for each family member to offer the option - in addition soup broth:

- boiled egg (cut in half) and pinch greens;

- French toast;

- fine vermicelli (noodles for 5 minutes before serving need to throw in boiling broth). RECIPE chicken soup broth

It is necessary: ​​

600-800 g of chicken meat

2 l of water

1 onion

1/2 carrot

1 parsley or celery

Salt and pepper to taste

Egg, toast or vermicelli


1. Chicken put in a pot

2 Pour cold water

3. Boil at high heat to boil, stirring occasionally.

4. salt, pepper, vegetables add - onion, carrot, parsley, celery (washed and peeled), 5. Cook over low heat for 20-30 minutes.

6. Remove from heat.

7. Cover with a towel and let stand for 15-20 minutes.

Rulyada Chicken

4-course dinner: chicken - video recipes at home




3 garlic cloves

3 eggs

2 tbsp. l. milk

Jelly with mayonnaise

Greens, carrot, salt - to taste


1. Chicken fillet with skin lightly beat off. Season with salt and rub with finely chopped garlic.

2 Beat the eggs with the milk.

3 Bake the omelet in a thin pancakes.

4 Place the omelette on poultry fillet.

5 Minimize roll, wrap in cheesecloth, tie a white thread.

6. Boil at low boil.

7. Put a light press and cool.

8 top layer can be filled jelly of poultry, mixed with mayonnaise, decorate green and boiled carrot.

Chicken Jelly

4-course dinner: chicken - video recipes at home


It is necessary: ​​

400 g of broth

20 g of gelatin

1/2 onion, carrot, parsley root

2 raw protein

Pepper, salt - to taste

how to prepare

1 in the cold water, while stirring, add the gelatin (by 8 parts of water 1 part of gelatin).

2 Leave to swell for 2-3 hours.

3 In the finished hot broth put the soaked gelatine.

4 Stir until completely dissolved, without boiling.

5 After that, the jelly can be used for rulyady, giving him harden in the fridge.

By the way: mayonnaise add spice to taste dishes.

Useful cocktail for dessert

4-course dinner: chicken - video recipes at home

Cocktail Recipe

It is necessary: ​​

1/2 cucumber

1/2 apple

1/2 bunch of parsley

2 tomatoes

1/2 h. L. salt

2 cups water

How to prepare:

In a blender punch mate cucumber, apple half, polpuchka parsley, tomato 2 1/2 hr. Of salt, 2 cups of water.

Bon Appetit!

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