Scary Halloween drink: cocktail "Bloody Eye", a recipe step by step with photos

Drinks - an essential part of any holiday menu at any party, especially at a party on Halloween night. In this mystical night parties every housewife tries to prepare not only the appropriate holiday dishes, but also drinks. We suggest you try to cook the recipe of our original and "terrible" drink on Halloween.

To prepare cocktail "Bloody Eye" we need one serving:

gin or vodka - 60 ml, dry vermouth - 15 ml, half olives stuffed piece of red pepper - 1 units, radishes - 1 pc.

Note that the radish should be of a size to fit in half the olives radish.

How to prepare a drink on Halloween: cocktail "Bloody Eye".

"The bloody eye" for this drink you need to cook the day before the party. To this partially remove from radish skins so as to obtain red stripes like bursted blood vessels.

Scary Halloween drink: cocktail

Center radish knife making a hole in which the need to put half of the olives with red pepper finish in the middle. A piece of red pepper can be replaced with red currants and other red berries.

"The stuffed" radish thus put into the form of ice water and the bay put in the freezer. Basic preparation for festive cocktails for Halloween is over.

Now, when it comes time to put drinks on a celebratory table on Halloween night, you will simply need a glass of vodka or gin, vermouth and add our frozen and terrible "Bloody Eye".

Your "terrible" drink on Halloween guests will remember for a long time !!!

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