How to use an espresso machine?

How to use an espresso machine?
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How to use an espresso machine?

For a cup of strong ristretto, espresso or refreshing air latte is not necessary to go to a nearby coffee shop. Prepare flavored drink all the rules of good coffee. It can work with ground coffee or special capsules - it all depends on the model chosen.

So, using the machine principle is simple. Water heated to 88-91ºS under high pressure is supplied from the tank and flows through the compacted ground coffee. For best results, you want to finely ground coffee. Properly prepared beverage has a rich aroma and a beautiful beige foam on the surface. On the basis of coffee from in-car espresso, you can make different versions of drinks - from the US to complex cocktails.

How do I prepare a drink from the green coffee beans

Green coffee - 100% natural product containing more than one thousand active components. Green it is called because of grain collected not fried, so it contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals. It is important to know how to cook this healthy drink for to maximize its benefits.

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How to choose a coffee machine?

When choosing a device, look for the coffee machine with a pump pressure of about 15 bar. Such a device will allow to make coffee, is not different from the beverage fed to the coffee shops. A good machine can be equipped with a beater for milk required to make a cappuccino and latte. Very suitable devices that allow both to prepare the ground coffee, and the mixture in capsules. In this case, the body of the machine must have capacity of different types.

The machine is used to long and beverage, brewed with it, always produces excellent, remember to instrument operation.

Before the first use of the coffee machine ...

  1. Rinse the tank and fill it with clean water. It is better to use bottled non-carbonated water - the drink will be more delicious, and the tank will not form scale.
  2. Do not pour hot water into the machine, as it may deform the plastic components.
  3. Make sure the removable tank is installed correctly.
  4. To control on the inner side of the machine, there are the corresponding markings. Open the valve to the steam outlet and let the water flow out. Close the valve and refill the tank with fresh water.
  5. Turn on the device. When the machine has warmed up, the corresponding light signal will appear on the panel.
  6. The Holder Put serving coffee. Usually machines are completed with a special scoop, indicating how much of the product you need for a standard cup of espresso. Good tamp the powder using the reverse side of the measuring spoon or a special device, which can also be set to enter the coffee machine. Insert Holder and rotate it until it stops. Be careful: wrong set Holder can disrupt the water is fed under high pressure.
  7. Under the horns Holder Place a cup. You can prepare two portions at the same time - it increase the amount of ground coffee and a cup of place so that there was one on each horn. Turn the switch on the panel and wait until the container is full.

How to make coffee from capsules

  1. For the preparation of coffee from capsules need universal coffee or a special device, which works only with capsules.
  2. In a separate container, insert the mini-packaging coffee and, if necessary, such as the packaging of milk. Fill a clean non-carbonated water in the reservoir.
  3. Turn on the device, wait until the enable signal lights, and turn the lever on the panel. When the cup filled with coffee, switch off the machine.
  4. To coffee machine worked flawlessly, and regularly wash Holder tray, empty the tank from empty capsules. water tank does not need washing, but if the device is not used for a long time, before switching should pass water through the spout for steam output.

Enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee! And all its mysteries and secrets learn from our video!