The classic recipe for tiramisu

We present a detailed recipe for the classic Italian dessert, laminated, with step by step photos. Tiramisu has gained popularity throughout the world due to the unique taste. In some cases, you can replace the cocoa powder or grated chocolate combine together, which makes it even more tasty ...

Cooking will tiramisu with mascarpone, which in combination with coffee becomes a marvelous creamy taste and delicate tart aftertaste. For general information, as well as for those who do not know, tiramisu - a popular Italian dessert, cake without baking cookies.

Tiramisu recipe step by step

Egg yolks separated proteins. First grind yolks with sugar until white. Then add the yolks to the mascarpone, vanilla and mix gently with a spoon.

The classic recipe for tiramisu

In a separate bowl whisk the whites until the foam and combine with whipped egg yolks. The chilled coffee Add rum and mix. In the liquid dip each cookie and evenly lay out the form, you must do it quickly.

The classic recipe for tiramisu

ladies top layer sticks lay half-cooked cheese mass, cocoa powder and sprinkled once again, a second layer of cast biscuits dipped in coffee.

Share remainder of cream, spread evenly over the entire surface of the powder and cocoa powder.

Cool in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours, and something more. Over time, the dessert can be submitted to the table ...

Excellent Italian dessert for which the baking is not required. The tiramisu flavors came together so that is difficult to determine just what it sounds like.