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Recipe for quick pie with canned saury

Savory pie with canned saury cooked very quickly.

What you need:

- 400 g flour;

- 100 g butter;

- 1/2 cup milk;

- a pinch of salt;

. - 1 teaspoon of baking powder to the test;

- 4 chicken eggs;

- 3 tbsp. sour cream;

- 2 banks saury;

- 1 onion;

- 3 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil;

- 50 g of hard cheese;

- ground black pepper;

- 1 bunch of parsley

How to make a cake out of canned saury:

  1. Butter is put into a small saucepan and put on low heat. When butter is melted, pour into a deep bowl, add salt and stir well components.
  2. When the oil has cooled to room temperature, break it 1 egg, pour milk and whip the mixture with a blender to a foam.
  3. Connect oil-lactic workpiece with the sifted flour and baking powder, knead a soft elastic dough. When it is ready, put it in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator.
  4. While the dough for the cake cools, enjoy a cooking stuffing.
  5. Open the cans, pour one liquid fish transfer to a bowl and crush with a fork.
  6. With the onions, remove the peel and cut it into small cubes.
  7. parsley finely chop.
  8. In the hot oil fry onions, then connect it with canned fish, herbs and black pepper.
  9. From the refrigerator, remove the dough and gently roll it with a rolling pin, then transfer to a greased baking pan.
  10. Spread the dough in a container with your fingers to form a small bumpers evenly lay out the filling on it.
  11. Whisk the eggs in a fluffy foam with sour cream.
  12. Hard cheese grate.
  13. Pour beaten eggs cake, sprinkle cheese on top and put on 35 minutes in a preheated 180 degree oven.
  14. Set a quick pie with canned saury hot or slightly cooled down.

Two recipes quick pie with canned fish


Cake recipe with canned fish and potatoes

The filling of canned fish, you can add the potatoes - it will make baked goods a hearty and nutritious.

What you need:

- 3 eggs;

- 500 g sour cream;

- a pinch of salt;

- 6 tablespoons. tablespoons flour;

- 1/2 hour of baking soda;.

- 1 onion; - 1 can of canned fish;

- 1 large potato

How to cook a cake recipe with canned fish and potatoes:

  1. Whisk the eggs with the salt and baking soda.
  2. Then connect them with sour cream and gradually add the flour, mixing thoroughly. As a result, you should have a uniform, thick as sour cream dough. If it turned out watery, add to it a little more flour.
  3. For filling peel potatoes, grate it on a coarse grater.
  4. Onions finely crumble.
  5. from the oil cans, drain the liquid, remove large bones and mash fish.
  6. Grease a baking dish with vegetable oil, then pour into it half the dough evenly top with grated potatoes, onions etc. and last layer of preserves.
  7. Fill with stuffing the remaining dough and put the product in a preheated oven for 35 minutes.
  8. Ready pie with canned fish and potatoes can be served hot or cold.

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