Recipes from lemonemy fish - video recipes at home

Lemonema blighted belongs to the family of the order of cod. Its white meat really tastes like cod, but it is much more tender and almost devoid of bones.

Typically, this fish is sold frozen. To dish out of it differed delicate flavor, the incredible richness and unparalleled flavor before cooking Lemon should be thawed. Not only at room temperature, and on the lower shelf of the refrigerator. After thawing the carcass should be wet paper towel to remove excess moisture.

The recipe lemonemy in oil-lemon sauce

Recipes from lemonemy fish - video recipes at home


The sauce will be spectacular decoration for the white fish meat.

It should be:

1 PC. lemonemy fillets;

. 1 teaspoon lemon juice;

50 g butter;

2 sprigs fresh parsley;

2 tbsp. olive oil;

flour for breading;

ground pepper and salt - to taste.

How to prepare:

  1. Grease Lemon little olive oil, pepper, salt to taste and roll in flour.
  2. Heat a frying pan and melt it in half the butter with the addition of olive.
  3. Fry in the oil mixture over moderate heat fillets.
  4. Grill the fish for 5 minutes on each side, start with the preparation of which is the skin.
  5. Then shift Lemon in a bowl.
  6. Strain the oil from the pan, clean the bottom with a paper towel and again pour the same oil.
  7. Add the remaining butter and cook until it browned.
  8. Add to the mix the lemon juice, but do not overdo it, otherwise the sauce will be sour.
  9. Chop the parsley. Sprinkle it cooked Lemon, and then pour the sauce.
  10. Serve it warm.
  11. A perfect complement to lemoneme under the oil-lemon sauce will be boiled potatoes.

The recipe lemonemy in sour cream

Recipes from lemonemy fish - video recipes at home


Lemonema get more tender and tastier if to cook it in sour cream.

It should be:

1 lemonemy carcass;

1 head onion;

3 tbsp. sour cream;

1 bunch parsley;

favorite spices - to taste;

sea ​​salt and freshly ground black pepper - to taste.

How to prepare s:

  1. Lemon Wash and cut into small pieces.
  2. Fold in the pan, sprinkle with herbs, sea salt and chopped parsley.
  3. Instead of a fresh you can safely use dried herbs.
  4. Cut the onion into half rings and add to the fish, all carefully mix.
  5. Put Lemon marinate for half an hour, preferably in the refrigerator.
  6. Then add the cream, it is better to use a product with a high fat content.
  7. Ideal - homemade sour cream.
  8. fish Simmer on low heat for 35-40 minutes.
  9. the water added thereto is not necessary, because cooking a sufficiently fluid.
  10. You can wrap lemonemy pieces in foil and send it in the oven for 45 minutes.
  11. Serve the fish in cream sauce with fresh vegetables.