How to fry carp - video recipes at home

How to fry carp - video recipes at home
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Carp is one of the most tender and tasty varieties of fish carp family. The average weight of 2 kg, so this it is convenient to use in the preparation of various dishes. Advantageously cooks fried, baked stuffed and carp.

Carp is considered a dietary meat, since it contains a small amount of fat. It is rich in sodium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A and D. In fish entrails enough potassium and magnesium. Small amount of connective tissue allows the body to easily absorb the product. Carp - is an excellent source of protein for adults and children.

it is necessary to clean the fish before cooking. For this rinse with cold water to remove dirt and slime. Next, take a sharp knife, place the fish on board and press down firmly by hand. The knife blade should be at a slight angle with respect to the scales. Remove scales from the head toward the tail. Pull out the insides, cut off his head and fins. If the fish spawn there, remove the film and rinse under cold water. The most common way of preparing carp is considered hot. You will need to fish weighing 1, 5-2 kg Salt to taste, 100 g of bread crumbs or flour and oil. First makes an incision with a sharp knife across the fish, then cut into large portions. Carp - fish bony, so you can make a few small incisions in the spine, the bones become smaller and did not feel after cooking. The following salt fish inside and outside, drizzle with lemon juice, roll in breadcrumbs and put on a frying pan with hot oil. Fry on each side for at least 10 min. Fry carp need a lid, since the meat must be well steamed inside. If you like golden brown, then at the end of the frying pan open. Once the fish is ready, cook the eggs in the remaining oil. Can be made from fish roe fritters by adding a couple of eggs, 100 grams of flour, salt and pepper to taste. These fritters like adults and children.

In the process of frying carp, add sour cream, which makes the meat more tender and juicy. For this purpose, at the end of the frying pan into pour cup sour cream, diluted with water in a ratio of 2: 1. The cream sauce fish should then 5-10 minutes. Before serving, sprinkle the finished dish with chopped herbs. Ideal dill, parsley, green onions, cilantro. One of the unusual recipes - a carp in beer. The fish is cut into large pieces, salt and pepper. Next, place it in a deep cup, pour 25 ml of a 3% vinegar and put in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. for marinating. The pan Pour 250 ml of beer and bring to a boil, add 20 g butter and grated lemon peel halves. Pickled carp put into a saucepan and cook over low heat until tender. This prescription may be used for any kind of fish of the family Cyprinidae.

On a side dish to the carp perfectly suited steamed, boiled and fresh fruits. It is not necessary to combine the meat of fish, rich in protein, with potatoes or noodles. Fried carp can Serve as a separate dish.