Fried fish: simple recipes

Fried fish: simple recipes
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Fried fish: simple recipes

Fish is very useful for human food. It contains various valuable vitamins and minerals. But omega-3 fatty acids are the most important, which are present only in sea and river products. Cook fish is possible in many different ways, but most of it is fried. And to get juicy and tasty dishes, you need to know some of the secrets.

Fried fish in a crispy crust with tomato salsa

In Rome, an ancient dish is still traditionally

cook for dinner on Christmas Eve.

Julia Nekorkin

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Make grilled fish can be a variety of ways. For example, in a pan on the stove, oven, on a spit, frying and so on.

But the most popular are fish, fried in a pan or in a roasting pan. That is, in a pot with a thick bottom.

in this way should take into account some points for the correct preparation of fish.

Oils need to pour a little bit, and fish should be laid on the pan only when it warms up. The fish fry is usually without a head. If it is small in size, while preparing a whole. And if large, then it is necessary to hot cut into pieces.

The process of frying fish includes simple, in fact, the action. But we need to execute them correctly, otherwise, instead of juicy and tasty dishes have a risk of getting dry bony something.

An interesting flavor combination opened eminent metropolitan chef Dmitry Shurshakov, creating a new author's dish of fish ...

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Grilled fish

It should be:

500-700 g of fish or fish fillets, lemon juice - to taste, 1-2 cups of flour, vegetable oil - to taste, 1 pc. onion, salt, spices - to taste.

How to prepare:

  1. First, the fish must be well cleaned and thoroughly gut, and then rinse under running water, if it is one-piece. Then, it should be cut into not very large pieces, season with salt and pour over the lemon juice. Further, it needs to let it stand for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Prepared pieces of fish to be dipped into flour, then into the pan in hot vegetable oil.
  3. The fish is fried on medium or high heat until cooked.
  4. Strong flame is necessary for the formation of a crisp.
  5. But you need to carefully monitor the process, so that the dish is not burnt.
  6. At the same time on another skillet saute the onion can be. It should be enough that they could sprinkle all the fish pieces.
  7. The fish is cooked, topped with fried onions, should insist just a few minutes. And then there.
  8. If everything was done correctly, then the dish will turn out tender, juicy and very tasty.

Fried fish in batter


There is another easy and simple way to fry fish.

It should be:

500 grams of fish or a ready fish fillets, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, bread crumbs, 1 pc. onion, salt, spices, vegetable oil.

How to prepare:

  1. Pre-defrosted food should be cleaned, gut, wash. Then cut into pieces and fill with a mixture of spices or dry fragrant herbs. Season with salt, sprinkle with lemon juice and leave for 10-15 minutes.
  2. At this time, we should cut the onion rings and lay on a flat plate of breadcrumbs.
  3. The fish roll in breadcrumbs, then put the pan with the already warm oil and fry on both sides.
  4. When the product is a little browns, it is necessary to put on top of the onions. And bring a dish until done.

There are a few tips to prepare fish:

  • The taste of food can make special, if before frying the fish soak in milk, then roll in flour.
  • That during the preparation of the pieces remained intact and did not fall apart, they should be salt. And let them infuse for 10-15 minutes to salt absorbed.
  • For most cooking is best to take a mixture of sunflower oil and butter. In such a mixture of fish pieces do not burn, and the top crust turns a beautiful golden color. However, if further application involves the use of fish in cold dishes, then it is better to fry in vegetable oil.

Everyone knows that fish in the diet - the guarantee of health. It is only necessary to choose the right, cook, and take into account the compatibility of certain other products ... Watch the video!