Liver cake: Recipes and Secrets

Liver paste

Simple and tasty chicken liver pate

with vegetables.

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To prepare the chicken liver cake fit or beef liver. These products are readily available, and refreshments will turn out very tasty. But if you manage to purchase a duck or goose liver, feel free to use it for cooking of these products get a real delicacy.

Recipe for liver pie

It should:

500 g of the liver;

0, 5 liters of milk;

5 eggs;

2 onions medium size;

1 cup flour;

ground black pepper;


vegetable oil.

How to prepare:

  1. Carefully prepare liver. Rinse it under a stream of cold water. Remove the film from the surface, all vessels and veins. Again, wash and pat dry with paper towels or towel. liver cut into smaller pieces if necessary.
  2. Pass the liver through a meat grinder.
  3. Clean the onions, cut into 4 pieces and also scroll.
  4. Stuffing mix, add the eggs, season with salt and pepper all. Once again stir the masses.
  5. Pour in the milk and sprinkle in 1 cup of flour.
  6. The dough for the liver cakes mix thoroughly until smooth and lightly whisk whisk or electric mixer. Consistency it should get a little thicker than a pancake.
  7. Leave mass for 10 minutes so the dough will be more flexible and easier to fry the cakes for the cake.
  8. Put the pan on the fire and heat it, pour a small amount of vegetable oil. Once it warmed up, put a few spoonfuls of the hepatic mass, level it and fry on both sides until golden brown.
  9. In the same way, prepare the rest of cakes for the cake. Put them on a dish and leave them to cool down completely.
  10. liver tests can be poured into the pan and using a ladle. Scoop their mass, pour it into a pan and spread over the surface of dough in the same manner as in the pancake frying.

For lubricating cakes, prepare the stuffing, which will need to:

2 onions;

100 g of mayonnaise;

vegetable oil.

How to prepare:

Onions cut into half rings. Fry it in vegetable oil, ready to bow must acquire a beautiful golden color.

Now you are ready to assemble cake liver:

  1. In the first place the cake dish and lubricate mayonnaise, then lay roasted onions, level it across the surface of the liver.
  2. Cover the top of the following liver pancake, lubricate it with mayonnaise and put onion stuffing.
  3. Likewise, gather the entire cake.
  4. Top lubricate it with mayonnaise, garnish with greens and fresh vegetables.

Recipe for liver pie with mushrooms

Liver cake: Recipes and Secrets


Basis for hepatic cake may be different. Experiment and cook cakes of liver with mushrooms.

It should be:

500 g of the liver;

3 eggs;

1 cup flour;

1 cup of milk;

300 g of fresh mushrooms;

3 cloves of garlic.

2 onions;

salt and pepper - to taste.

How to prepare:

  1. Mushrooms clean, wipe with a towel and cut into slices. Fry mushrooms in vegetable oil until golden brown.
  2. Prepare liver tests, as described above, and at the very least put sauteed mushrooms and garlic, passed through the press into it.
  3. Put the dough with a spoon on a hot pan with vegetable oil, level over the entire surface and fry on both sides.
  4. When the cakes cool, lubricate them with mayonnaise and place the filling of fried onions.

It is well combined liver with sour apples, which can grate or cut into cubes.

Nice fresh taste and unmatched flavor from liver cake stuffed with sour berries: cranberries or cranberry.

Fans of unusual and savory combinations can be recommended to be used for the filling of dried apricots, raisins and prunes. Pass the dried fruit through a meat grinder and mix sweet stuffing with ground walnuts. This filling will give hepatic cake taste.

Original recipes Offal from Alexei Zimin. Watch the video!