Recipes marinade for pork

Recipes marinade for pork
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Cooked on the grill, in the oven or on the grill pork get tender and juicy if it is pre-soften the perfectly balanced composition marinade. He gives the meat flavor desired shade - with a pleasant acidity, spicy sweetness, sharpness east.

vinegar marinade

This is a traditional and very popular recipe.


1 kg of meat

70 ml of vinegar (9%)

200 g of onion

for 2 h. tablespoons sugar and salt

1 h. Teaspoon ground allspice

4 bay leaves.

How to cook the vinegar marinade:

  1. Mix in a deep container salt, sugar and black pepper with ground bay leaf. Peel onions, cut into thin half-rings, to shift to the spices and intensely remember his hands to let the vegetable juice.
  2. Add the vinegar and allow it to dissolve dry products. Wash the pork, cut into wedges, suitable for threading on skewers, mix with marinade and leave for 2-3 hours.

How to make a quick honey marinade for pork ribs - see the program "Ask the Chef".

Oriental marinade

This recipe will not only taste, but also appetizing aroma.


1 kg of meat 800 ml ajrana

150 grams of cilantro

6 black peppercorns stuff

1 tbsp. salt spoon

1/2 Art. tablespoons cumin

How to cook oriental marinade:

Fold the prepared pieces or solid piece of meat in a large bowl. Tear to coriander, place the peppercorns, cumin and salt and mix properly. Pour pork ayran, Stir again and hold for so few hours until tender.

Fast marinade


1, 5 kg of meat

1 large kiwi fruit

2 onions

1 lemon

1, 5, Art. spoons of salt

1 tbsp. spoon spices for the meat (without salt content).

How to cook a fast marinade:

  1. Release the bulb from the peel and grate. Peel the lemon and chop in a blender. Spread cold meats and spices, salt, onion and connect with citrus gruel marinate and a half hours.
  2. Cut the peel kiwi, turn the fruit into a smoothie or very finely chop and admixed with the pork in half an hour before frying. Do not exceed the specified time, otherwise the proteolytic enzyme aktinidin contained in green fruit, corrode much meat and it will break the fibers.

Spicy Korean marinade


1 kg of meat

100 ml of soy sauce

100 g of sugar

70 ml of vegetable oil

4 cloves of garlic 40 g green onions

4 hr. Desiccated spoon ground ginger

4 tbsp. tablespoons sesame seeds

How to cook Korean marinade:

  1. Clean off the husk with garlic cloves, skip them through a dedicated press, mix with chopped green onions, vegetable oil, soy sauce, ground ginger, sugar and sesame seeds.
  2. Grate get a piece of pork sauce, wrap in plastic wrap or put into the bag and store it in the fridge for 3 hours. This marinade pork is more suitable for baking in the oven or on the grill in foil.

The tomato marinade

This recipe the meat turns out very juicy.


1, 5 kg of meat

750g of tinned tomatoes in its juice

60 ml of vegetable oil

2 hours. Teaspoon ground allspice

1, 5, Art. spoons of salt

How to prepare tomato marinade:

Mash tomatoes fork until a substantially homogeneous mass, vegetable oil and pour vsypte pepper. Incubate this mixture pork for at least 4 hours and then shake off the salt.