Recipes salting fish: pickled herring - video recipes at home

Despite the fact that the most common way of cooking fish in Russian - frying, herring this rule falls. After heat treatment it palatability strongly deteriorate, so that representative aquatic normally salted or pickled. It's not hard to get in the store the finished product, but home-marinated herring with the right approach will at times tastier and healthier.

There are several ways to prepare such dishes.

Pickled herring


one herring

one onion

a teaspoon of salt and sugar

Art. vinegar

Two tablespoon of vegetable oil

coriander and black pepper (to taste)

How to cook marinated herring

  1. The fish is cleaned, remove the head and viscera, washed thoroughly with cold water. Thereafter, the herring is laid on the board sliced ​​belly up and sprinkled with its inner part sugar, salt, vinegar and then sprayed.
  2. Next, add spices (optional), give the original form of the fish and put it in the refrigerator for 12 hours, carefully wrapped in a plastic bag.
  3. The finished product is supplied with rings of onions, watering vegetable oil.

Herring in tomato sauce


kilogram of fish

70 ml of vinegar

100 ml of vegetable oil

250 ml of tomato juice

four small bulbs

h. spoon of sugar

Art. salt

A Touch of Spice

2-3 bay leaves

How to cook herring in tomato sauce:

  1. For the marinade tomato juice with oil and vinegar you need to bring to a boil, then add sugar, salt and spices.
  2. Herring cleaned, washed and cut into small pieces, which are then placed in a container deep enough, alternating with onion rings.
  3. Before you pour marinade over the fish, it should give a little cool: he must still be hot, but not boiling.
  4. After the final cooling of the dish put in the refrigerator for about a day.

Herring marinated in Norwegian

The fish turns out very tasty, although the recipe it looks quite exotic.


one fish

200 ml of milk and water

100 ml of vinegar, one bulb

0, 5 h. Sugar spoons

as much grated horseradish

h. spoon grated carrot

5-7 peas of black pepper

2-3 bay leaves

How to cook herring in Norwegian:

  1. salt is not used at all. To start with fish (more crude) soaked for 12 hours in a mixture of milk and water.
  2. Then it is cleaned and cut into small pieces. Prepare the marinade Cold, simply by mixing vinegar with grated horseradish, carrots, sugar and spices.
  3. Pieces of herring, transcribed onion rings, pour marinade over, and then clean the dish in the fridge for three days.