Dried smelt: recipes, cooking rules - video recipes at home

Dried smelt: recipes, cooking rules - video recipes at home
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Smelt - fat tasty fish, fresh cucumber has a pleasant smell. Zavyalit it can be fast, because it is small size, fast and dries prosalivaetsya literally for 3-4 days.

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Options for cooking dried smelt set in each region its salt in its own way, respecting the rules of cooking.

The classic recipe

Ingredients: 1 kg of fish

300 g salt

50 g sugar (optional)

How to cook a classic smelt:

  1. Fresh fish should be gutted scales should not be removed, it can not hurt. Prepare capacitance plastic or enameled, put layer fish, lard coarse salt without additives can sea.
  2. Place the second layer of salt smelt and fill again. And so on, until the end product. Sugar is needed product for shine, smelt does not rust.
  3. Capacity to cover with a lid and leave prosalivatsya 12-20 hours, the time depends on the amount of harvested product. Upon expiration of the smelt rinse and hang on a hanger for a few days.
  4. After 2-3 days, beer snack ready. This fish is stored in the refrigerator or in a pot with a tight lid.

Smelt in brine (saline)

  1. It is best to use freshly caught fish, a day taste of her changing. Prepare brine follows - is poured into the bowl water, put raw egg (potato) and poured salt.
  2. The brine is placed unskinned smelt. The main thing in this recipe - do not overdo the fish. For malorotki pickling time 4 hours for ZUBAREV - 6 hours.
  3. After prosolitsya fish, it should be rinsed in cold water and hang to dry. Nanizhite hang it on a rope or the tail and leave in a well-ventilated area, in 7 hours pereveste her head.
  4. dried fish store in the freezer to get damaged.

Fish at home

  1. carcasses are washed, poured with water so that it lies above the level of fish 10-15 cm water added in large salt, based on 10 kg of fish -. 1 kg of salt is heated 4-5 hours in brine , stirring regularly.
  2. Brine thoroughly wash off, dip the fish in the solution of vinegar or sugar to give it luster, hung out to dry. Sun-dried fish such 1-2 weeks, depending on the room temperature.

Quick salting

  1. Cover the fish with salt in such an amount that it was formed on the salt crust. Withstand under salty 4 hours spread out on paper towels.
  2. From it have to drain excess juice and excess salt, after 4 hours, you can hang out.

Smelt with red pepper


2 kg of fresh fish

5 kg of salt

1 clove garlic

ground red pepper to taste

How to cook smelt pepper:

  1. Place the fish in an enamel bowl, pour the salt. Cover with the lid and press down oppression. After 4 hours, rinse the product under running water and place in another bowl.
  2. Pour it with pepper and minced garlic. Hold for 2 hours, after which hang in a ventilated room.