Recipes cloudberry

Scientists refer to the following useful properties of cloudberries - immune stimulating and bracing, the ability to tone the body, antimicrobial and diuretic, as well as valuable property to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Especially recommend including this berry to your diet for pregnant women, who suffer a strong toxicosis. The thing is that in the cloudberry contains the active substance tocopherol, influencing the successful development of the child and maternal health.

High content of cloudberry marsh variety of vitamins - A, B1, B2, B3 and C. But then, according to the latest clinical trials, there is one problem - in the berry is not vitamin E, due to which A digest in small quantities. The group, in turn, affects the nervous system and general well-being, regardless of this group against depression. It is also important that the vitamin C in the cloudberry more than even an orange, lemon or grapefruit, that is, again, a reliable means for the correction of immunity strength.

But you must remember the following - the marsh berry has its contraindications to consume. So it is not recommended to include in your diet for chronic and escalating gastritis and ulcers (and stomach, and duodenum).

From this wild berries can be cooked a delicious juice.

The recipe juicing

You will need very cloudberry and 400 grams of sugar per 1 kg of the main raw material. First, collect berries - rinse them thoroughly, scald with boiling water in a colander, let the water drain well, then remove the seeds and pieces of leaves from plants. Fold cloudberry in a large bowl, add the sugar (plain old pan is best suited) and cook for 1 hour at the small fire. But if you want to keep the juice from cloudberries for a long time, do not forget about the process of pasteurization.

The recipe cloudberry jam

No less delicious come and cloudberry jam.

There is 1 kilo cloudberry, you will need 1, 2 kg of sugar.

Mix the ingredients in a pot for about 3 hours to form a juice and sugar syrup, then cook the berries for 2 hours. For banks fasuyte already chilled jam, which can then be safely stored for a long time.

The recipe of mashed

Another excellent product based cloudberry - berry puree (500 g sugar per kilogram of feed). Also initially soften cloudberry, showering it with boiling water, then skip berry through a sieve to form a thick slurry. Mix the puree with sugar and packagi on jars after pre-packaging pasteurization. This dish can be used as a filling for pancakes, cheesecakes and other desserts.