How to cook compote - video recipes at home

How to cook compote - video recipes at home
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How to cook compote - video recipes at home

drenched in sugar syrup and berry fruits retain their perfect

natural taste, aroma and appearance.

How to cook compote - video recipes at home

Compote - this is one of the most common methods of preservation. As with all other preparations for the compote should be collected in good ripe fruit: only in this way will your compote delicious. Do not use fruits and berries the second grade, "because it will still boil" - instead of saving you risk to spoil everything.

Once you have selected the fruit, they need to rinse or soak for a few hours. This is followed by training - at this stage you need to remove the seeds, peel peel and so on. The faster you cope with this, the more vitamins will keep your fruits.

As a filling is used not only sugar syrup, but also honey syrup, natural juice and mineral water. To prepare the honey syrup, honey take in 1, 5 times more than sugar.

cooking process itself compote simple: prepared berries and fruits firmly placed in jars, and then you need to tap the jar on the table to seal the berries. Banks fill "on the shoulders" (before the transition into the neck). The next step - fill, depending on the method of sterilization banks: the top, so that the liquid poured from the can (when cooking by hot bottling compote) or with an air gap 1, 5 cm (sterilization).





to 1 liter of water - 250 g sugar

  1. Grapes rinse thoroughly. The berries can be cut off, but you can leave the cluster.
  2. The berries are put in jars.
  3. Pour berries with boiling syrup to the brim.
  4. After 5-6 minutes, drain the syrup, bring to a boil again.
  5. Secondary pour the grapes so that the syrup flow over the edge.
  6. Banks cork, turn upside down and leave until cool.
How to cook compote - video recipes at home

PRESCRIPTION cherry compote pitted




to 1 liter of water - 0, 5-1, 2 kg of sugar

  1. Cherry wash, dry, remove the seeds.
  2. tightly packed in jars cherries "on the shoulders".
  3. Gently shake the banks and knock on the table to seal the cherry.
  4. Pour cherry hot sugar syrup and sterilize.

RECIPE compote of black currant

Black currant



to 1 liter of water - 0 8 - 1, 2 kg of sugar how to prepare:

  1. The berries are separated from the twigs and bust, rinse thoroughly and dry.
  2. Lower berries for 1-2 minutes in pre-cooked syrup is cooled to 60-70 ° C.

    By the way: This is to ensure that the berries compote not surfaced.

  3. Then put the berries in the banks.
  4. Pour hot syrup berries, sterilized in boiling water.

    By the way: Banks 0, 5 liters of sterilized 15 minutes, 1 l - 20 minutes.