How to make jam - video recipes at home

How to make jam - video recipes at home

Jam - one of the national Russian dishes, fruits, cooked in sugar syrup. To make jams must take fruits and berries are not only of good quality and free from damage, but also an appropriate degree of maturity: unripe fruits insufficiently juicy and aromatic, and overripe - boiled soft. It is important that the sugar syrup evenly infiltrated fruits - then they are not deformed and do not float. It is not necessary to make jam over high heat: a high temperature inside the fruit juice begins to boil, which prevents the penetration of sugar syrup.

Secrets flawless jam

To jam turned out perfect, there are a number of techniques. Some fruits blanch, clean, fruit (eg, gooseberry) prick. There are berries, which are pre pour the sugar and leave for 8-10 hours. Sometimes using multiple cooking - but do not overdo it: the total length of all the brews - no more than 30 minutes. Despite the fact that the jam would like to cook a little more, and the temptation to take a huge pot and download it totally great, Remember simultaneously cook no more than 2 kg of fruit!

How to determine the readiness? to

To understand, ready to jam or not, there is an old method: if the drop does not spread jam on a cold saucer - it's ready.

How to keep the jam?

There are three ways: hot fill, pasteurisation and cold tap. Each way to preserve the jam has its advantages - but to which one you choose, keep in mind the dangers lying in wait for your jam.

How can I spoil jam?

If the jam was brewed correctly or banks were non-sterile, jam spoil. If you take a little sugar or Bank was damp, moldy jam is when packing. If digest jam, it can be sugar, but it is fixable: sugar jam Put the cooking pot, add 1 tbsp. l. of water per 1 kg of jam, heat to boiling and the hot expanded in banks.

How to make jam - video recipes at home

RECIPE blackcurrant jam

It is necessary: ​​

1 kg of black currant

1, 5 kg of sugar

4 cups of water


1. Berries, blanch in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

2. The water in which the blanched berries, filter, then used for preparation of syrup.

3 Lower the berries in boiling syrup.

4 Cook jam in the 3-4 hours for 5-7 minutes, measuring out the time from the moment of boiling. Between pulping jam stand for 6-8 hours.

How to make jam - video recipes at home


It is necessary: ​​

1 kg plums

1, 5 kg of sugar

1 cup water


1. Take a ripe, but firm plums. Divide in half and remove pits. 2 Boil sugar syrup.

3 In the shift plum syrup. Plum must be completely covered with syrup, for this dish, which is cooked jam, occasionally shake in a circular motion.

4. bring the jam to a boil, then cook over low heat for 10 minutes.

5. Set aside jam, allow to cool to room temperature. Then cook until tender.

6. Packaged jam on banks in hot form.

How to make jam - video recipes at home

RECIPE apple jam


1 kg of apples

1 kg of sugar

2 cups water

2-3 g citric acid

A pinch of vanilla sugar

Lemon zest of 1-2 lemons


1. Prepare sugar syrup. Uvaria thick syrup to form droplets.

2 Apples are cleaned from the skin and cut out the core. Cut into small cubes and put into the syrup.

3. Boil apple syrup 30 minutes. Then add the lemon zest and vanilla sugar.

By the way: thicker than the jam turned out, so it is better. Jam should remain light - this is a sign that it is cooked properly.