Pies with apple filling

You agree that any pastry with apple filling is relevant always, at least because of the availability, because the apples are not difficult to acquire in any market or supermarket, and they are available almost all year round. And if we take into account the benefits and taste, the positive arguments for the presence of this fruit in pies not to challenge ...

Varieties of cakes, which are prepared all over the world, more than enough. Very tasty and crispy pies are obtained from puff pastry. The composition and the components can be any, it all depends on your preferences. But pastry with sweet filling especially appreciate our kids.

biscuit pastry stuffed with

The first step is to pour the warm milk in a deep bowl, add to it the yeast, sugar, all mixed with a spoon and let stand in a warm place for some time, about 15 minutes.

Pies with apple filling

Next, you need to separately melt the butter and a little cool. In another bowl, where we knead our dough, trying to drive the eggs, pour the melted butter and mix, gradually adding flour.

After these actions, obmyat dough cover with a tea towel and leave to reach one and a half hours in a warm place.

While our dough is resting, we prepare the apple filling. We clear a certain number of apples listed in the ingredients on the peel and cut them into small cubes. Add the sliced ​​apples in pan and fill with sugar. Bring to boiling lung, continue to diminish and further extinguish under a closed lid at moderately low heat, about ten minutes, until apples are softened. In the process of extinguishing do not forget to stir.

When the filling is ready, to shift the pan from the heat, add the hot vanilla filling and lemon juice, you can also add a little cinnamon if desired.

Coming up the dough is divided into small pieces, roll out each separately, putting them in the apple filling, form small patties.

Baking the lubricating oil, lay out cakes, grease the surface with beaten egg to give a glow. Give the brew for another 20 minutes, then send in a pre-heated oven, bake our apple pies at 180 degrees for 20-30 minutes.

For baking use sour-sweet apples and ripe fruit, it is desirable that in the process of cooking, the apples should noticeably soften and make mashed shaped.