Potatoes with chicken in multivarka

Quickly and without troublesome, for lunch or for dinner you can cook chicken with potatoes and of course in multivarka. It is enough to lay the products and set the mode and within an hour, the output we get satisfying and incredibly tasty dish that will appeal to all

The process does not deliver a hassle. For a hearty dinner of chicken meat is easier than you can imagine. The perfect dish for the whole family

How to cook chicken with potatoes in multivarka

1. The first thing to do - is to prepare all the necessary products and after you can start the process. Peel the potatoes, opolosnom in water and we will cut slices medium

Potatoes with chicken in multivarka

2. Next, process meat. You can use any part of the chicken. Can be the entire carcass or legs. In our case it is the lower leg. They need to be washed and rubbed with spices all possible and necessary salt and pour in after multivarku oil and put meat 3. Put the top of the potatoes. Add a little salt and season with. Close the lid tightly, expose to combine baking mode for 30 minutes. Over time, the contents of Multivarki need to stir and continue to bake for another half an hour

4. When ready meals, if necessary impose drumsticks and potatoes in a la carte dishes, sprinkle with chopped dill

Chicken baked with potatoes in multivarka ready!