Potatoes with pork in multivarka

Holders of Multivarki, have a great opportunity to prepare delicious and healthy dishes. Now we will try to prepare a wonderful dinner of meat and vegetables for real men. Pork with potatoes for a couple of is prepared quickly and easily, and its taste is amazing. And help us to our kitchen assistant - multivarka, which will facilitate our process.

Potatoes with pork in multivarka

Because of this the number of products we can feed a delicious lunch or a hearty dinner of four full force of men. Alternatively, you can supplement ingredients to taste and stew potatoes with pork for a couple not only in multivarka, but also in a frying pan or in a large cast-iron cauldron cook and roast meat with vegetables, with which you will be able to feed a large family.

Pork with potatoes in multivarka

  1. Let's start with the fact that we, as it should, wash out the meat and will cut him into manageable pieces for us. Then pour into the bowl a little vegetable oil and send it to cut meat. Multivarku put in frying mode and fry each piece of meat. Once the pork is browned in the cup you want to send a carrot, which cut is also quite large.
  2. Then put in multivarku coarsely chopped onion and continue to fry the ingredients 7-8 minutes. After roasting the meat products need podsolit and pepper. Instead of pepper, you can apply a mixture of peppers.
  3. Potato peel and cut into large cubes. Add the potatoes in multivarku and refill approximately 100 milliliters of water. But in this case pork with vegetables has not allocated sufficient amounts of water to extinguish. Then the food should be how to prevent and put the unit on the mode "Quenching", as a rule, in this mode, a kitchen appliance runs one hour. Multivarki lid must be closed. After one hour multivarka submits a respective signal, and it can be turned off. If necessary, it can constantly keep in heating mode.
  4. Serve, combined with pickled cucumbers and tomatoes. You can file a swirling in the winter salads or just make a salad of fresh vegetables. Cooked meal with their own hands will be juicy and very tasty, and the vegetables give pork absolutely unique flavor. Bon Appetit!

To prepare the dishes we can take any part of the pork carcass. Fat content of pork can also be the same as what you like. Potatoes and vegetables need to be cut as a large as possible, and it will make the meat tastier potatoes only. Power your Multivarki can affect cooking time, or it will need more or less.

Potatoes with pork in multivarka

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