Chicken meat with potatoes baked in the oven

We present a very simple and incredibly delicious recipe for a main dish of your desk. Where chicken is an important component, and serve garnished baked potatoes, which will melt in your mouth tender. You must try the chicken with potatoes - this is not probably delicious. The process is not long, and a little expensive, and most importantly a casserole of chicken and potatoes - is a surefire option for any occasion.

For chicken with potatoes, meat may be any, as the thighs and chicken debarking or the entire carcass in its entirety. The main thing is that the meat was fresh ...

Baked chicken with potatoes recipe with photos

Before you start to cook, it is wise to prepare all the necessary products and properly rinse the chicken and divide into moderately large pieces. Put in a deep bowl, fill with fresh yogurt and sprinkle of the spices for chicken, pepper and salt. All mix and leave to marinate for 30 minutes.

Chicken meat with potatoes baked in the oven

In the meantime zaymomsya potatoes: they must be cleaned, washed and divided medium slices. Add the rest of the spices, always add salt, sprinkle with olive oil and mix (photo 2). Further, Tomatoes cut washed identical rings and the bottom heat-resistant mold for baking first evenly put potatoes, and then top to decompose already tomatoes.

After 30 minutes of marinating chicken, to floor with laying of vegetables and then you can proceed to the final stage.

Turn the oven! On top of potatoes and tomatoes evenly put the chicken and pour the rest of the marinade. Send in the oven, about 45 minutes.

Cooking chicken with potatoes in oven at 200 degrees until the marinade is absorbed, and the meat surface is covered with golden delicious crust.

Chicken marinated is a more tender and juicy than in other cases. And in the absence of yogurt is possible to use sour cream or mayonnaise pinch