Recipe chicken with potatoes in the oven

Recipe chicken with potatoes in the oven
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Recipe chicken with potatoes in the oven

dishes made from chicken with potatoes, will stick wand, if you want to make a dinner party, and there is no time. Ingredients are prepared quickly sent to the oven, and the hostess in the 70 minutes can go about their business.

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You can bake a whole carcass or only the lower leg, fillet with potatoes. Usually chicken dishes are prepared quickly, but sometimes you can devote a few hours prior marinating. If you want to cook the bird completely, soak it in the marinade, then the meat will be more tender, imbued with aromas, and thanks to the sauce chicken surface will look very appetizing. This dish is perfect for the holiday table.

It should be:

Chicken-1, 5 kg;

For the marinade:

300 ml of lager;

30 ml of soy sauce;

2 h. L. brown sugar;

peel, rubbed with half a lemon;

a pinch of cinnamon;

1 h. L. salt;

0, 5 h. L. milled mixture peppers;

3 cm root ginger.

For the sauce:

1 tbsp. l. honey;

1 tbsp. l. olive oil;

20 ml of soy sauce.

For filling:

500 g of potato;

pepper, salt.

How to prepare:

  1. Pour into pan 700 ml of water. Cut the ginger into small pieces washed.
  2. Add to the pot of ginger, salt, a mixture of peppers, lemon peel, cinnamon (optional), brown sugar.
  3. Place the container on the fire, boil the contents for 5 minutes.
  4. When the marinade is cool, add the beer, soy sauce and mix.
  5. Put the chicken in a deep bowl or pan, pour marinade over it, send capacity 12 hours in the refrigerator compartment.
  6. Clean the washed potatoes. Cut it squares, salt and pepper them and stir.
  7. When the bird is well soaked with marinade, remove it from the liquid, blot with a towel.
  8. Place the chicken in a greased baking dish on the back, nafarshiruyte potatoes, chips opening two toothpicks, tie legs.
  9. Rub the sauce on all sides, it prepare as follows.
  10. Mix honey with olive oil and soy sauce, cover with foil.
  11. An oven preheat to 170 ° C, place it in a container of a bird. Bake for 70 minutes.
  12. After that, remove the foil, hold the carcass in the oven for another 20 minutes.
  13. Before serving, remove the toothpicks and thread, which are connected leg.

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A quick recipe for chicken with potatoes in the oven

Recipe chicken with potatoes in the oven


  1. If you want to quickly cook the chicken with potatoes, take a small carcass at 900
  2. Rub it on all sides with salt, nafarshiruyte potatoes, kill it or sew the hole.
  3. Put in utyatnitsu or gratin dish.
  4. Close the lid utyatnitsu, if you are using the form, cover with foil and potatoes carcass.
  5. dish Bake 55 minutes at 190 ° C. Remove foil or lid, pour poultry and potatoes lying on the edges, precipitated juice bake another 20 minutes.

Recipe chicken legs with potatoes baked in the oven

Prepare the dish with the addition of cream garlic sauce.


It should be:

3 chicken leg;

100 g of the cream;

2 potato tuber;

1 clove of garlic;

pepper, salt.

How to prepare:

  1. Garlic finely chop, add the salt and pepper in sour cream and mix.
  2. The Shins, wash, blot the moisture, peeled potatoes cut into cubes.
  3. Place the potatoes and legs in the sleeve for baking, pour the sauce there, close the sleeve, turn 3 times, to evenly distribute the sauce.
  4. Bake at 190 ° C for 50 minutes.