Lean porridge of oatmeal - video recipes at home

Lean porridge of oatmeal - video recipes at home
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Oatmeal is considered one of the most dietary and healthy dishes, which positively affects the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract and also improves the circulatory and nervous systems. Tasty and nutritious porridge can be quite lean - it allows you to use it for people with lactose intolerance and fasting.

Oatmeal on the water

Porridge oats, boiled in water, is a foundation dietary since the main value of oats is its ability to encapsulate irritation or damage the stomach wall. Additionally, oatmeal appreciated by cardiologists as it prevents cardiovascular disease. Especially enjoyed this dish can bring the residents of the industrial towns and cities - oatmeal perfectly absorb heavy metals trapped in a human body from the environment. In addition, lean oatmeal preparing possible easily and quickly - pour into a pan of water, based on the proportions of 1, 5 cups of liquid on a glass flakes, salt water, add sugar to taste and bring to a boil. When the water comes to a boil in a saucepan, put it washed flakes, made a slow fire and cook porridge before acquiring the desired consistency. After boiling water, place in a seethe flakes of butter and mix porridge until it dissolves. After that tightly cover the pan with a lid and wait five minutes - porridge should be insisted. Serve lean oatmeal need hot, adding to it if desired, dried, grated cheese, preserves, fresh fruit, and so forth. If you cook the porridge of oatmeal instead of flakes briefly lengthen cooking time as barley fall apart slowly.

Oatmeal in multivarka

To prepare the delicious lean oatmeal multivarka, take 1 cup of oatmeal, 3-4 glasses of water, half a sweet apple, a handful of raisins and steamed liquid honey / sugar to taste. Wash oat flakes under cold running water and pour them into the cup with prepared Multivarki raisins. Peeled apple cut into small cubes, and also send it to the oatmeal and raisins, then pour all the ingredients with water and mix thoroughly. Close the lid and Multivarki select the cooking mode - so lean oatmeal on water can be prepared in the dairy cereal mode, steaming, or quenching mode multipovara / oatmeal, if any. Set the cooking time, which depends on the type of oatmeal - Hercules product need to prepare fifteen to twenty minutes after boiling, and tagged Flakes - "1" cook up to fifteen minutes, "2" - five to ten minutes, and "3" can be switched off immediately after boiling. Recommended Multivarki temperature should be at least 100C. Ready lean porridge arrange on plates, pour the honey and sprinkle with sugar and serve.