How to cook meatballs in Aerogrill - recipes

Cutlets in Aerogrill can be considered a dietary dish. This kitchen gadget are evenly baked through, while not overcook and impregnated with fat, as prepared in the hot air flows. As a result, the dish turns easily digestible, low-calorie, and all this without losing the taste.

For the meatballs in Aerogrill can take any meat. Prescription for dietary approach fillet of chicken or turkey breasts, beef, rabbit, fish. Special subtleties in the preparation of stuffing for aerogrill not. Do it the same way as for the usual burgers. For juiciness and better digestibility in ground beef, you can add vegetable ingredients: carrots, onions, zucchini, pumpkin, potatoes. Onion is a permanent addition, and a combination of other vegetables can vary according to your taste. Spices are added to the stuffing if desired. Do not neglect the white bread, it is necessary to burgers do not get too dry: crumb holds moisture well, as a result of the dish will be more soft and delicate.

Try to cook in Aerogrill Chicken Kiev. For this dish, take:

- 1-2 chicken breasts;

- 100 g butter;

- a bunch of parsley;

- 1 egg;

- flour and breadcrumbs;

- ground black pepper and salt.

Prepare the meat for future chops. To do this, split breast fillets, removing the keel bone. If your chicken breast is large, cut the fillet lengthwise into four pieces. Gently beat off the meat, but do not tear or prodyryavte fillets, otherwise you will not be able to form patties. Salt and pepper the meat repulsed. Form small sausages of butter. Pre remove the product from the refrigerator and let it lie down at room temperature. Oil should be pliable and soft.

Wash the parsley and chop. You roll the sausages in oil chopped herbs and place them on the edge of each piece of fillet. Roll the meat into a kind of roll, carefully connecting edge. No holes should not be, otherwise the cooking process through which spilled all the oil.

Whisk the egg with a fork. Pour into a flat plate of flour and roll-formed patties in it, then in the egg, then again in the flour. If you want to have chops was zazharistaya crisp, roll them also in breadcrumbs. To do this, dip them after a meal again in egg and then in breadcrumbs.

Coat the cutlets on top of vegetable oil. Put them in the form of aerogrill sneaky and carefully into it a little hot water. This will prevent over-drying of the cutlets. Prepare the dish on the bottom aerogrill lattice at low fan speed and 235oS temperature for 20 minutes. Then cutlets can be turned over and cook for another 5 minutes, no more.

Serve chicken Kiev on the table in the form of heat. In the role of garnish to them can offer risotto with mushrooms and mashed potatoes. Good in Aerogrill and fishcakes. For their preparation you need:

- 500 g of fish fillet;

- 150 g of white bread;

- 1 egg;

- 1 onion;

- 120 g milk;

- ground pepper;

- salt;

- flour obvalivaniya.

Soak the white bread in cold milk. Just take not fresh, and dried up the loaf. Fresh pulp give cutlets sour taste.

Cleaned fish into fillets. Cutlets fit for fish with a small amount of bone, such as haddock, cod, perch, salmon, pink salmon. Pass the pulp through a meat grinder.

Chop the onion and fry it in vegetable oil, but do not fry, otherwise it will give cutlets bitterness. Pass it through a meat grinder and add to the minced fish. Put back the egg, bread, salt, pepper and stir. Repel the stuffing and shape of these burgers. Roll in flour and place in a form aerogrill.

Cook fish cakes at a low speed in the middle grille. Put 235oS temperature. After 20 minutes the burgers are ready.