Recipe for fish cakes

Following the advice and recommendations, we are with you today to cook a delicious and soft fishcakes. Seafood contains a wide variety of minerals and vitamins necessary for our body, and therefore the fish meat is recommended by doctors and nutritionists. At least once a week, self-respecting people and taking care of their health, must necessarily include in your diet fish dishes.

Fishcakes - is an exquisite dish which is relatively different from the usual. many nutrients and beneficial properties are a part of the fish, what actually can be identified cutlets of fish and seafood.

Fish burgers - a step by step recipe

Cleaned from the inside and is separated from the skin the fish cut into small pieces, use a meat grinder or food processor (not too finely).

In a separate bowl, place the slices of dry bread, pour the milk up to the surface and leave to soak. Bread should soften, fully absorbed the milk.

Heat in a frying pan 2 tablespoons butter and fry sliced ​​into small cubes stem celery and onions. Season with salt and black pepper and cook for 5 minutes on medium-low heat until the onions take a transparent color. Put the roasted vegetables to fish, to add the soaked bread, drive the egg, put salt, pepper, mustard and chopped herbs. Mix thoroughly.

Recipe for fish cakes

In a shallow bowl, sprinkle with flour. Form small burgers of any shape and collapses cutlets in flour.

Recipe for fish cakes

In a frying pan pour 4-6 Art. spoon of oil, do not need much, but some fatty burgers are obtained. Heat and fry the cutlets, alternately on both sides until golden brown.

To prepare the burgers you can use any fish as frozen and fresh. This recipe was used cod, known for its dietary qualities. It contains very little fat. Here in this wonderful performance delicious fishcakes like all lovers of seafood.

A simple recipe for fish cakes of pike

    We offer an easy way to prepare fish cakes in the oven:

  1. Scroll through the wringer pike weighing 500 grams, one head of onions and 100 g of fresh cabbage.
  2. Add salt, ground black pepper, to drive one egg and stir thoroughly minced fish.
  3. Breaded fish cakes of pike in flour and fry for a long time not a small amount of oil on each side for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Put them in a refractory form and send in the oven. Bake in oven patties 20 minutes at a temperature of not more than 200 degrees.

Due to the vegetables, especially cabbage, meatballs steamed oven baked out very juicy and pleasantly soft on the palate, which will not only maintain their quality but also acquire dietary and nutritional properties.

Zrazy fish with vegetables

Another option to make patties useful - is to combine them with vegetables, fill the stuffing and vegetables to cook the most delicious seafood zrazy who ever you had to eat.