Recipe: Buns with poppy filling

Recipe: Buns with poppy filling
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Buns with poppy filling - classic pastries, which is never boring. They just cook and hard to mess up. The taste and aroma from the poppy rolls amazing - like a muffin from a distant happy childhood.

The first important step in the preparation of poppy rolls - dough. It should be lush and (if you bake a lot of bread rolls for future use) remain so in the finished product, not cherstveya. You must use high-quality products and to comply with the technology of preparation. Ideal to get the ingredients are not in the store, but, for example, on the market. This applies to eggs, milk, butter, poppy buns which in no case should not replace the margarine and the more spread. Yeast also need to be "alive" and not dry. Sugar and flour are used conventional. Just take the flour top grade, and not intended to buy cakes, pies, muffins, pancakes. Specialized flour contains extra additives that are in a bun with poppy seeds do not need. For portions of rolls, which fits on a standard pan (20-25) will need the following ingredients:

- 150 ml of high fat content of whole cow's milk (but not cream, fat content - up to 6%);

- 400 g of flour of higher grades of wheat;

- 300 g butter (100 g - in the dough, 150 grams - for filling with poppy and 50 r - for lubrication products);

- 2 large chicken eggs;

- 20 g of raw baker's yeast;

- 150 g sugar (50 g - in 100 g of dough and - in the filling);

- a pinch of vanilla (or a teaspoon of vanilla sugar);

- 100 g of poppy;

- 100 g of powdered sugar.

The process begins with the cooking rolls dough. One-third of the prepared heat the milk with a spoon of sugar. Crumble the yeast in the warm milk and leave it approach. Whisk the eggs with the remaining sugar, pour in the milk, whisk again. Oil pre-put in a warm place, to make it maximally softened (but not to melt on the stove). Sift flour twice a sieve (it should make sure that it is full of oxygen, and the dough was the air). Stir in eggs and milk flour, add vanilla, soft butter and yeast is coming up. All Stir well and leave warm. Until the dough is suitable, prepare the stuffing. Mack steamed need a small amount of boiling water (to keep the water just covered it). Then grind in a bowl with a wooden spoon until white soft butter and sugar. Add steamed poppy mix.

When the dough has doubled, slightly heat the oven and start the production of biscuits. The dough from the pan lay on the surface, floured lightly cross between his hands and roll it into a ball. From the roll the ball rolling pin thicker cake and spread surface lozenges poppy filling. Roll it into a roll. Cut thick slices crosswise. All this should be done quickly, until the dough again began to increase in volume.

Cover the baking parchment and put the rolls reach a warm oven powered-off. As they increase in half, you can bake. Ready poppy buns hot grease melted butter and pour sugar.