Recipe: French fries, fried in Aerogrill

To prepare fries in Aerogrill, you need the following ingredients:

- 2 kg of potatoes;

- salt and pepper to taste;

- vegetable oil;

- dried herbs of choice: dill, paprika, parsley, cilantro.

If desired, you can add extra spice, which, in your opinion, are well suited to the dish. If you choose to use sunflower oil, remember that it must be refined. Otherwise you risk to spoil the taste of the dish. As for the potatoes, then it should be smooth, with a minimum number of holes, cracks and other defects.

Thoroughly rinse the potatoes, dry it and peel. Then cut the elongated slices. The resulting slices spread out on a towel and leave to dry. Until potatoes are dry, prepare a mixture of spices. It is recommended to pour the salt, pepper, dried herbs in a separate shallow bowl and mix thoroughly.

Dip each slice in sunflower oil and place the potatoes in the middle grille. Oil can drip down during the preparation of meals, so it is recommended to use a special tray to subsequently make it easier and more convenient to wash the bowl aerogrill.

Turn aerogrill, set temperature 250 ° C and an average rate of blowing, and then warm up the cup device during 5-7 minutes. Then put back the bars with potato slices. Cook fries in Aerogrill recommended for 15-20 minutes. The duration of the preparation of dishes depends on which option suits you best - soft yellow slices, golden slices of crispy deep-fried or brownish pieces. Keep an eye on your food dishes, so as not to miss the moment when the potato fry thoroughly properly. Remove lid and aerogrill using a special spatula or other article Transfer potatoes lattice plate. If you want to make another batch, place on grill salted and soaked in butter slices and repeat the process.

If you are planning to cook large amounts of potatoes, it can be used simultaneously three bars. However, keep in mind that on top of slices of roast thoroughly to be the fastest, and the bottom - most slowly, so you have to carefully follow the process of cooking meals and regularly replace the already fried slices at different gratings raw.

Ready French fries can be served as a separate dish with sour cream, various sauces or ketchup. Also, this dish will be a wonderful complement to the fish and meat.