How to cook homemade fries - video recipes at home

In fact, to prepare their own fries very simple. It does not need to have culinary skills and to buy special products, you can even do without a deep fryer, but it greatly simplifies the process of preparing this dish. But to have enough in the economy deep capacious frying pan or saucepan with a thick bottom. Cooking potatoes should be fresh, not frozen potatoes, then it will turn out crispy, fragrant and delicious. Learn how to cook homemade French fries, you can safely forget about the fast-food establishments.

For the preparation of French fries require 1-1, 5 kg of potatoes, salt and a sufficient amount of sunflower oil.

First prepare potatoes: potato tubers carefully reassemble, seed for the preparation of the most smooth tubers oblong shape with no visible defects. Clean peel potatoes, wash, dry on a paper towel to remove excess moisture and starch, otherwise in contact with the wet potato oil begins to spray out strongly in all directions. Cut tubers long strips.

Now go to frying: put on medium heat deep frying pan or saucepan, where planning to fry potatoes. Pour the vegetable oil, heat it slightly podsolite that it is not so much sprinkles and hissed. As soon as the bubbles overfill potatoes on the oil surface. If a lot of potatoes and all of it can not fit in the oil, then fry small portions - the potatoes must be free to float in the oil. In addition, a large number of potato will be difficult to uniformly fry.

Fry fries for 15-20 minutes, turning from time to time with a slotted spoon or a wooden spoon, until golden brown. If you overdo potatoes in oil, one obtains more potato chips.

Remove potatoes with a slotted spoon ready, a little support on the dishes that oil has flown. Place on a paper towel - fries should not be too oily. Salt does not need - enough salt that you add to the oil.

That's so simple to cook fries at home without a deep fryer. Post it can be as a separate dish, but it also goes well with meat and fish. For French fries suitable tomato ketchup, sweet-sour sauces and cheese, tartar sauce. If you have turned a large portion of potatoes, you can freeze it for future use, but note that after thawing and re-warm fries lose the most nutritional and taste qualities. The most delicious fries - freshly cooked!