Roast potatoes Aerogrill: method of preparation - video recipes at home

Aerogrill cooked foods retain their vitamins, beneficial properties and never burn up because heating them in tank is uniform. With aerogrill can prepare almost any dish. From cook it does not require any special skills. Moreover, its presence in the kitchen, and not necessarily because the timer switches off the device at exactly the moment when the dish is ready.

Ways to use aerogrill incredibly much. It can be fried skewers, roast meat or fish, vegetables cook, bake pies and even sterilize jars for autumn blanks. Food cooked in the appliance, has very special taste. For example, conventional potatoes can become a signature dish adventurous cook.

It can simply cook. For this peeled and sliced ​​potatoes are poured with hot water, adding a pinch of salt and pepper. Water is recommended to heat up immediately to reduce the duration of cooking. Similarly, you can cook a baked potato. To do this, it does not need to be cleaned, but just enough to wash, pierce with a fork and pour the oil, do not forget also about the salt and spices. Thus prepared the potatoes need to put on the grill aerogrill, and after 30 minutes, enjoy a delicious lunch. Aerogrill gives much scope for culinary fantasies and furthermore allows to reduce the caloric content of food as it involves minimal use of oil and other additives. For example, a favorite with many chips can be cooked without oil at all. To do this, it needs to be easy to cut and lay out on the grill aerogrill.

Inside the glass bulb can be placed aerogrill any heat-resistant material, so it is possible to bake the potatoes in foil or cook classic julienne in pots. Cut potatoes, pickled, fried, baked and stuffed. A variety of interesting and delicious recipes in his Aerogrill invented an incredible array. It is cooked with meat, bacon, ham, fish, cheese or vegetables. All this gives a very appetizing. However, according to most palates, there is nothing better than a home cooked potatoes with sunflower oil, sprinkled with fresh herbs and a pinch of salt. This dish is easy to prepare both at the plate and in Aerogrill.