To make the dough rise: 5 Secrets Irina Chadeevoy - video recipes at home

Baking is considered to be the top of the culinary arts. She, like any skill, starts with a very simple thing - test. But, unfortunately, not always it rises, baked through and behaves the way we plan. Irina Chadeeva shared with us their secrets, knowing that you will never be disappointed, because delicious pies, cakes and rolls are obtained at all times.

Physics lesson, or why the dough rises and settles

I do not want to write any theory, but there is an important issue that occupies all beginners confectioners:

- Why do I not lift CAKE?

From School Course Physics it is known that at constant pressure (according to the Gay-Lussac's law), the ratio of gas volume to its temperature steadily. That is, as the temperature increases the amount of gas also increases. As soon as we put the cake in a hot oven, gas begins to heat up, expand, and cake - rise.

To make the dough rise: 5 Secrets Irina Chadeevoy - video recipes at home

By the way, the gas can be quite different, for example:

- in air biscuit dough is added at the whipping whisk;

- in the yeast assay is carbon dioxide produced by yeast; - in the test with the baking powder or baking soda - also carbon dioxide that is released during the reaction of soda with an acid (if present in the test composition), and during heating;

- wet test and the oil is water vapor (which, for example, on the cake breaks the crust forming cracks).

So the cake has turned lush, observe the following conditions:

First, the test must be enough gas. For example, for the biscuit dough eggs need a good whipping, and self dough very gently to mix; puff pastry - rolled and cold cooking, the oil is not melted and does not lose moisture (although in oil only about 20% of water, it is turning into steam, raises present puff pastry).

Secondly, it is necessary to ensure a good heat, the gas quickly expanded. This is why most lush baked products with a high (about 200 ° C) temperature.

And thirdly, in parallel with the expansion and heating should be formed and secured (bake) of the test structure. If a weak structure (for example, in the batter or dough with a small amount of flour), pie settles as soon as you pull it from the oven (but in some cases it should be!).

It follows a few rules to help you cope with pastries of any complexity:

1. Good whip, and very gently stir whipped doughs.

To make the dough rise: 5 Secrets Irina Chadeevoy - video recipes at home

2. Bake at said product temperature in the recipe.

3. Do not open wide and long the oven until the dough is baked.

4. Begin to check the readiness of products, when the dough has risen uniform slide, no dent in the middle - that means all of the air in the test well is warmed up (this does not apply, for example, a chocolate cake, which ideally should remain slightly undercooked).

5. Check the readiness splinter sticking into the middle of the cake - there is always the dough baked through more slowly than at the edge.

To make the dough rise: 5 Secrets Irina Chadeevoy - video recipes at home

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