Pigs in blankets or a simple, fast and "terrible" recipe for Halloween - "The Mummy Returns" (with photos)

Sausage in the dough (puff pastry, yeast or any other - does not matter), this recipe can be prepared as every day, and on a picnic or holiday table. And if you show imagination, and then at a party on Halloween, it will be appropriate and interesting. No wonder that he had such a terrible name "The Mummy Returns".

And now, here's how to cook pigs in blankets to make them appear in the style of "terrible recipes for Halloween."

Ready flaky, yeast or any other dough is rolled out to a width of 0, 5 cm and cut into strips 1 cm wide.

Freed from the top of sausage skins swing the test strip, leaving, as it were, a slit for the eyes

Pigs in blankets or a simple, fast and

and add up on a baking sheet so that our "mummy" of each other's business.

The "slit for the eyes" to put small dots of mustard or neatly stuck in a sausage sesame seeds or black pepper.

Baking tray filled with sausages in the test set in advance heated to 180-200 degrees oven.

Bake until the dough is lightly browned.

Pigs in blankets on the menu style for Halloween ready for serving.

And cakes of sausage and the test that we would have an interesting and "terrible" on Helouin dish can be made in the form of a "kingdom of snakes" or "Invasion of snails."

Fantasize! And our table for Halloween will be the most original and "terrible" !!!

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