How to cook caramel

How to cook caramel
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Burnt sugar is produced by caramelization of sugar. This product is used as a separate and treat, and as a colorant or flavoring agent for various sauces, desserts, beverages, and in folk medicine to treat coughs.

Lollipops at home

Most of the children are the real

sweet tooth that gives parents a lot of trouble. After Mom and Dad worrying for the health of their kids, try to limit the amount of harmful caramels and gum with food additives. If you wish to make a child happy tasty with minimal risk to his health, try to cook lollipops at home. Of course, such a call can not be useful delicacy, but it will not contain any chemical dyes or preservatives.

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To make the caramel, it is best to take a cast-iron frying pan or kettle. In the extreme case of a thick-walled or solid metal pan. Should not be burnt sugar left in the container in which it is melted. Otherwise you risk to burn the product. It is better to pour it on a plate or in a special metal or silicone molds. Do not use for this purpose plastic containers. Hot Sugar "lava" they melt. Do not forget the Precautions. When heated, the sugar syrup boils, and occasionally sprinkles. From the hot droplets can be badly burned. So beware of the open areas of the body and be careful when refilling the hot syrup into the molds.

There are several ways to cook caramel. It all depends on the purpose for which you want to use.

Pastilles of burnt sugar

  1. A small amount of sugar, for example, 1-2 tbsp. l., pour into the center of the pot or pan and place on a small fire.
  2. Carefully stir the sand and level it to melt and spread over the bottom of the container at regular intervals.
  3. As soon as the syrup will become rich amber color, pour it on a plate, lightly greased with butter or baking foil. Give mass to cool and solidify.
  4. As a result, you should have a thin layer of gloss. Break his hands into small pieces and absorbable them in the mouth when coughing fit. As a rule, the effect of such a treatment occurs on day 3-4.
  5. Pastilles of caramel ready!

Sugar thread to decorate the cake

  1. 1 tablespoon of durable metal grease with butter and type into it a little bit of sugar.
  2. Hold a spoon over the stove until tender included caramel, and then use a fork make sugar strands.

Candies of burnt sugar

  1. 3-4 tablespoons. l. sugar, pour into the pan. Lightly moisten it with water and heat, stirring constantly over low heat. Make sure that the product is not burnt down.
  2. When the mass starts to boil and becomes golden brown, remove it from heat and pour into hot greased with butter or oil forms.
  3. In the process of cooking the sugar can add a little brandy, lemon juice, vinegar, mint essence, vanilla or other flavoring to taste.

If you have an oven with holes for the cauldron, cook colorful candies made of burnt sugar. The opening of the outdoor fire place cast iron cauldron. Wait until when the metal is glowing red, then pour carefully into it sugar. At high temperature, it will melt almost immediately and do not have time to turn yellow. Transparent syrup pour into forms, grease, dyes mix with the desired color and flavor additives. As soon as the multi-colored candies zastynut, remove them from the molds and enjoy the delicacy.