How to cook caramel at home - video recipes at home

How to cook caramel at home - video recipes at home
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Caramel - this confection, obtained by heating sugar. It can be cooked at home. Caramel is a liquid, hard and soft. Depending on the desired consistency and taste of caramel is prepared with the addition of water, milk, lemon juice and other components.

Caramel (caramel from French -. "Product made from sugar cane") - a favorite by many treats that are sugar is the main ingredient. By heating and boiling the sugar is converted into plastic or solid amorphous (nekristallizirovannuyu) mass. Caramel is yellow and brown shades. Proper caramel contains fructose, glucose and maltose.

And caramel varieties are lollipops and sugar figurines and candy monpase and toffee. In the finished caramels can be wrapped fruits and nuts, and can be caramelized fruit on fire. Caramel is also used for decorating desserts, cakes, pastries, or as a filling for cakes and cookies. To prepare the caramel home, should first pay attention to the following points:


  1. to select the correct utensils for cooking caramel - is best suited cast iron frying pan, aluminum pan with a thick bottom pan or non-stick coating (also with a thick bottom);
  2. to select sugar - regular or cane; Classic recipes caramel used cane sugar - it has the best flavor and aroma, as well as a useful and less nutritious.

Simple homemade caramel


half a cup of sugar (3/4)

3-4 tablespoons of water


1 cup of sugar

0, 5 cups of water

0, 5 teaspoons vinegar or lemon juice (to prevent crystallisation of caramel).

How to prepare simple home caramel:

  1. In the container for cooking you need to pour the sugar, add water and, stirring constantly, heat the mass over low heat.
  2. Ready caramel color is determined by the product - as soon as the mass becomes brownish-golden, caramel ready.
  3. In the second recipe all cooked over low heat until golden brown. If you need a soft caramel for modeling, the pan with the caramel ready you need to put in a pan with plenty of hot water - so the caramel will slowly solidify.

Milk Caramel


500ml milk

3-4 cups of sugar

50-100 g butter

How to prepare milk caramel:

  1. To do this, pour the milk into a saucepan and bring it almost to a boil, then add sugar gradually, stirring constantly mass.
  2. Cook the mixture over low heat until golden brown. Then add the softened butter and cook the entire mixture to simmer for 2 hour to obtain a conventional milk caramel or 2, 5 hours for obtaining mass-to form toffee candy.

Delicious desserts will delight both children and adults.