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Recipe home lollipops
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Recipe home lollipops

Most of the children are the real sweet tooth, which gives parents a lot of trouble. After Mom and Dad worrying for the health of their kids, try to limit the amount of harmful caramels and gum with food additives. If you wish to make a child happy tasty with minimal risk to his health, try to cook lollipops at home. Of course, such a call can not be useful delicacy, but it will not contain any chemical dyes or preservatives.

The basic recipe

Candies on this recipe turn out exactly as in Soviet times, which were sold at almost every corner.

Useful candy

We offer you to make your own hands Exclusive

Useful candy of dried fruits. Dried apricots and dried cranberries creates a particularly rich flavor and roasted nuts from nuts and pumpkin seeds, combined with dark chocolate gives a delicacy unique chic.

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  • 10 Art. spoons of sugar
  • 10 Art. spoons of water
  • 1 tbsp. Spoon apple / vinegar or 0 for 2 hours. citric acid spoons
  • to form lubricating oil

How to make candy:

  1. Before you begin to cook sweets, prepare a special form to fill. Also, you need to stock up on sticks to candy or toothpicks conventional pre-cut from their sharp tips.
  2. Connect in an enamel saucepan, water, vinegar and sugar and put on fire. When will the process of dissolution of sugar, reduce heat and simmer for a sweet syrup as long as he does not acquire a beautiful golden hue. Do not forget to constantly stir the liquid to sugar is not burnt, and the mass is not acquired an unpleasant bitter taste. Occasionally lower the syrup 1-2 drops in cold water. As soon as you notice that the sugar solution began to harden, remove the pan from the heat.
  3. Ready syrup candies carefully pour into the mold, pre-greased with vegetable oil. Do not forget to insert the sticks. Once the candy zastynut, remove them from the mold.

Multi-colored candies



  • 8 Art. spoons of sugar
  • fruit or berry juice without pulp
  • 1 h. Spoon of lemon juice
  • culinary sprinkling sugar (if desired)

How to make a multi-colored candies:

  1. Mix all ingredients (except cooking flouring) and heat the mixture in the refractory bowl with constant stirring. When the sugar is completely dissolved and the syrup will become a shade of caramel, remove the pan from the heat.
  2. If you have added to the syrup dark berry juice, do not rely on the shade and check the readiness of the syrup, dropping it drops into cold water.
  3. As soon as the droplets start to freeze, remove the syrup from the heat and add the cooking posypku. Carefully pour the candy mass in form and insert the sticks.

Secrets "candy" of the kingdom

If your fingertips are food coloring, you can add them in sweet syrup. However, adding such substances should be noted that powdered dyes should be dissolved in cold water at an initial cooking step, otherwise the lollipops will be colored unevenly.

To give candies more is bright and full-bodied taste, before starting to cook, heat specified in the recipe quantity of water and pour her a lemon or orange zest. Cool and strain the infusion, and only then proceed to the preparation of goodies.

If you do not have to form lollipops, you can spread out on the desk parchment and lay on him candy mass neat little puddles. Just do not forget to insert in every puddle toothpick or skewer. Another option - use of silicone molds for baking, or so-called "ovensWaffle". Some women use to fill the candy mass packaging of chocolate candy molds. Lollipops it obtained neat and smooth.

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