Burbot, baked in the oven

Burbot - fish cod family - although it is found in the Russian waters, in the hands of local housewives come across too often. However, if it is such luck fell, it should not be overlooked. This type of fish when correctly chosen method of preparation will look perfectly and the meat will turn out extremely tender.

Roasting in this case is not suitable. Sirloin in burbot zhirnovat and therefore in the pan very easily fall apart. At this point neither of which aesthetic appearance does not have to speak.

Baking in the oven whole - a whole different conversation. The dish is simple to prepare and very appetizing. From a glance it is easy to mouth waters!

Baked eel


bird fish


vegetable butter or ghee

onion bulb

1-2 tomatoes

green beam

How to cook baked burbot

  1. One of the most critical moments in the preparation of the dishes - the preparation of the burbot to bake. Especially the need to act carefully when gutting fish. When roasting whole is not necessary to cut off his head, but it will certainly have to remove the gills.
  2. In addition, it should be slightly notched belly burbot, to deliver him from the inside. Gallbladder, is closer to the head part, for any scenario should not be opened while it is still inside the fish carcass. Its contents are in contact with the meat badly tarnished its taste, adding bitterness.
  3. You should also think about how to remove and scales - especially if the big fish big. The scales have small burbot, and get rid of them in the traditional way - with a special knife - is not always possible. However, many housewives use for this purpose an ordinary grater.
  4. Even better would be easy to remove from the skin of burbot. She removed "stocking", and if the hands accomplish such a task would be difficult, not a sin to use for this purpose pliers or a pair of pliers.
  5. Then the carcass must be washed, wet cloth and rub on all sides (including the inside) salt.
  6. Then, using a silicone brush the fish need to be oiled, to bake the product browned.
  7. Now you need to prepare the rest of the products, which will be baked burbot. A bulb should be cleaned and cut - better rings or half rings.
  8. In a similar manner, and should be done with tomatoes - only the skins need not be removed from them, because it does not provide a prescription.
  9. You also need to chop fresh herbs (parsley, dill, and so on. N.). On a greased flat baking tray or other similar pot put most of the onion rings, and on top of them - the big fish.
  10. The rest of the onions must be carefully put in her abdomen - along with half of the available green and a bit of tomato.
  11. If fishes filmed skin, cover it, and vegetables should be on top. Otherwise, stuffing her belly, you can stop there.
  12. Baked eel at a temperature of 180-200 ° C, and it will take 30-40 minutes. One of the signs of readiness will be formed on the carcass of a ruddy crust.
  13. Also, for fidelity is not a sin to pierce with a fork fish at the thickest part. If there is at the puncture site can see the matt white meat, pudding can be removed from the oven.
  14. Burbot need to pass on a large platter and garnish impose. sprinkle on top of the dish should remain green.
  15. is allowed and serving slices of lemon, which will certainly appreciate the fans sour fish dishes.