Summer squash soup

A thick soup of summer squash for this recipe can be prepared any hostess. The first dish belongs to the Bulgarian cuisine and a special flavor it imparts used during cooking curdled. Only by preparing a squash soup, you will appreciate how it is delicious.

Summer squash soup

Preparation of zucchini soup

Butter fry sliced ​​chives and small zucchini slices or cubes.

Fill with water, give to boil and add the milk and then wait until boils.

Fall asleep rice and browned flour which fry in a dry frying pan.

20 minutes later, when the rice is ready, soup dressed with mixed beforehand and egg curd. Add salt, black pepper and citric acid. Feeding on the table, sprinkle with chopped dill soup finely and parsley. You can add in a bowl of sour cream. The dish is delicious both cold and hot.

Recipe for squash soup product has the following composition per 1 serving:

-120 g of water, -135 g of zucchini, milk - 25 g, rice - 5 g, yogurt - 20 g, eggs - 1/2 units butter -. 10 g, onions - 5 g flour - 3 g parsley - 2 g, dill - 1 g citric acid - 1 g of salt and pepper to taste.